I want to tell you a story. Two years ago, Congress announced they were going to do something remarkable: ban late-term abortions. The Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act would ban any abortion performed after 20-weeks, which is the point that babies in-utero begin to feel pain. The historic vote was set to coincide with the 41st Annual March for Life in Washington DC.

But one Republican Congresswoman decided to block the bill in January of 2015. With hundreds of thousands of Pro-Life marchers in DC outside the Capitol Building literally waiting for Congress to fulfill its promise, North Carolina Representative Renee Ellmers blocked the Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act from even being voted on.

It was the ultimate betrayal. Ellmers believed she was safe. She believed that she could betray Conservatives and get them to forget about it and re-elect her just a year and a half later. She was wrong.

She lost her 2016 primary election by 30 percent, with her anti-Life vote being the number one reason that Conservative voters turned on her.

Her colleagues got the message, with Conservative and establishment Republicans alike promising that 2017 would be different. Not only did they swear that the bill would pass, but also that President Trump would sign it into law. That last bit is true. The Trump White House announced this week that the President will sign the late-term abortion ban if it reaches his desk.

However, even though the legislation passed in the House of Representatives this week, GOP leadership in both the House and Senate are now saying the legislation is dead.

That's right, after finally getting this legislation to pass, these cowards are going to let the legislation die.

Don't let the Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act die! Send your instant FaxBlast and force Congress to use the nuclear option to put this bill onto Trump's desk, or else be removed from office!

You see, the current rules require the Senate to get 60 votes in order to pass the late-term abortion ban. That means that right now, it would take at least eight Democratic votes in order to pass, more if there are Republican defections.

The result is that Mitch McConnell isn't even scheduling a vote. The Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act (HR36) has now been added to the pile of 200+ bills that McConnell refuses to give a vote. His reasoning? They don't have the 60 votes under the current rules so it isn't even worth trying. As long as a bill needs 8-10 Democrats, McConnell has an excuse to just give up trying.

This is why President Trump and other Conservative Congressmen are now demanding the nuclear option!

Mitch McConnell already used the nuclear option to push through Neil Gorsuch's nomination to the Supreme Court. When Democrats announced they would block the nominee, regardless of who Pres. Trump chose, McConnell rightly recognized that the nuclear option was necessary to break through the Left's filibusters. So, he lowered the threshold for Supreme Court nominations from 60-votes to just 51-votes.

Since Trump took office, only 64 bills and resolutions have even reached his for signature desk. To put that in perspective, the number of bills passed during the last two years of the Obama Presidency was 329. Democrats are not letting any bills through. They are filibustering literally everything.

The solution is really simple: go nuclear and pass bills like the Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act with just 51-votes instead of 60.

GOP Rep Trent Franks is leading the charge to get this bill passed. He is demanding that the Senate "put aside its self-serving 60-vote motion to proceed rule" and use the nuclear option to put this common-sense bill onto Trump's desk. The President himself is also increasing the pressure on the GOP leadership to get its act together and pass the bill.

McConnell's response? He is promising to eventually get around to it, but he has no idea when he will be able to fit it into the calendar. This is unacceptable.

 Save the Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act and save the unborn! Send your instant FaxBlast and force Congress to put this bill onto Trump's desk by any means necessary, including the nuclear option, or else!

The Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act would ban practically all abortions after 20-weeks gestation. This is when unborn children develop the ability to feel pain. Additionally, 21-23 weeks is when unborn children start to gain the ability to survive outside the womb if they are born premature.

Mitch McConnell doesn't know when he'll be able to schedule a vote on this. Every year, there are an estimated 10k abortions performed after the 20th week. That comes out to approximately 27 innocent lives lost every single day from late-term abortions. 

These are children who not only feel pain, but are just days away from being able to survive outside the womb with the help of medical equipment. Mitch McConnell's refusal to dismantle the filibuster and bring this bill up for a vote is literally condemning the innocent.

I was born premature and spent a month and a half in the hospital before I was allowed to go home. It is absolutely terrifying that it is legal to abort children that would be able to survive outside the womb if they were only given the chance. It is nauseating that abortionists are allowed to dismember unborn children who are able to feel pain.

This is our one chance to chip away at the abortion industry and save untold numbers of Americans over the long-term. But even after the bill passed the House this week, both Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell believe the Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act is likely dead. 

Remember the story I told you about Renee Ellmers, the Congresswoman who blocked this bill and then lost her next primary election by 30 percent? 

It is up to you to put the same fear of the American electorate into Congress. You need to put the fear of God into them.

Every day they stall, 27 more babies are lost. No more.

The unborn cannot defend themselves. It is up to you to fight for them.

Don't let the Republican leadership condemn these innocent children to death. Please, send your urgent and instant FaxBlast to Congress and FORCE them to pass the Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act by any means necessary, or face the consequences!

No more waiting. No more excuses.

Max McGuire

Advocacy Director

Conservative Daily