Conservatives in Congress are pushing to make Trump's immigration shutdown permanent, but Democrats are scrambling to stop them!

1 in every 5 Americans are now unemployed. You have to go all the way back to the Great Depression to find a time when more Americans were out of work...

Last month, President Trump authorized a temporary suspension of almost all immigration into the United States. With the exception of agricultural temporary workers, no other foreign workers are allowed into the country.

This was common sense. It makes ZERO sense to continue importing foreign workers into the America when we have this many people who have lost their jobs.

But President Trump's order is only temporary. He had to use an executive order to do it, and it is already being challenged in courts.

That is why Conservatives in Congress are standing up to make it more permanent. Senators Cruz (R-TX), Cotton (R-AR), Grassley (R-IA), and Hawley (R-MO) are working together with Representatives Gaetz (R-FL), Gosar (R-AZ), and Gooden (R-TX) to make Trump's immigration suspension more permanent.

Of course, the Democrats want to stop them. They are still trying to use this crisis as an excuse to bring as many people into our country as possible!

Put an end to ALL immigration! Join the fight and send your instant FaxBlast FORCING Congress to make Pres. Trump's immigration shutdown permanent!

Think about that for a second. 1 in 5 Americans have lost their jobs, by no fault of their own. 

And the Democrats' solution to this is to import more foreign workers into the country to take American jobs...

If their goal is to protect American lives and livelihoods, it makes absolutely no sense. But that never has been the Democrats' goal... They have never cared about putting Americans first.

President Trump's order gave an exception for agricultural visas. He knew that if he cut off those workers, food would stop making it to market and Americans would starve. But fore every other job out there, Trump's directive is clear: if there is an American willing to do the work, companies cannot hire foreigners instead.

That is precisely what the bill being pushed by these GOP Representatives and Senators would do. It would make it illegal for American companies to hire a foreigner if there is even one American willing and able to do the job.

It is just total common sense. As the country starts to re-open, the jobs should go to hard working Americans, not foreigners who are willing to work for less in order to get a chance to live in the United States. 

If put to a vote, this bill would pass. There are still Democrats left who would do the right thing and protect American workers. But Pelosi, Schumer, and the Democratic Leadership are doing everything in their power to block that vote from happening!

Don't let the Left lift Trump's immigration pause! Join the fight and send your instant FaxBlast FORCING Congress to make Pres. Trump's immigration shutdown permanent!

Trump's order doesn't just apply to legal immigrants either. President Trump has closed the border to illegal aliens as well, officially putting an end to Obama's catch and release and turning away all illegal aliens caught trying to enter the country.

But as I mentioned, Trump's order is only temporary. It is set to expire and there are already lawsuits working their way through court to shut it down.

Only an act of Congress can make it permanent. And only you can force Congress to hold the vote!

Tell Congress that American jobs belong to American workers! Join the fight and send your instant FaxBlast FORCING Congress to make Pres. Trump's immigration shutdown permanent!


Joe Otto 

Conservative Daily