For the entirety of his Presidency, Donald Trump has been undermined by Obama officials left-over from the previous administration. Even now, there are hundreds of vacancies that Congress refuses to let him fill. John McCain alone is blocking over a hundred nominations to the Pentagon because he wants more control over the military strategy in Afghanistan. This is a man who failed to become President, has a brain tumor, and has all but switched over to the Democrat side, and here he is putting our national security at risk because he thinks he knows better...

Across the government, Trump's policies are being blocked and delayed by officials who remain loyal to Obama and the Clintons. This week we saw three specific examples of Obama holdovers blocking the conservative agenda from moving forward.

When Loretta Lynch was in charge of the Obama DOJ, she enforced a gag order against an informant trying to blow the whistle on the Clintons' corruption and the Uranium One scandal. This week, Obama holdovers were still enforcing that order and preventing the informant from testifying before Congress

The State Department has 40,000 Hillary Clinton emails that they still haven't released and don't plan to fully release until the year 2020. They are trying to stall until the next Presidency...

And just hours before President Trump was set to release the classified JFK files, the deep state tried to block him from releasing the most damaging items.

But Trump is having none of it. Yesterday, he personally issued declarations to all of these deep state agencies to stand down. He personally ordered the gag order lifted, demanded that the State Department release Hillary's emails, and defied the FBI by announcing he will still release the JFK files.

This man is working around the clock to fulfill the promises he made to the American people but at every turn, he is being hindered by Congressional inaction. Congress actually thinks they can get away with blocking the America First agenda.

They're wrong.

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Make no mistake: the Democrats and Establishment Republicans have declared war on this Presidency. They want nothing more than to negate the results of the 2016 election. But the amazing thing is that the more they investigate Trump for allegations he colluded with the Russians, the more evidence they discover that it was actually the Clintons that colluded with foreign agents and the Obama administration covered it up.

Congressional leadership were so quick to approve a "Trump-Russia" investigation, even though there was practically no evidence aside from the dossier that was manufactured by the Clinton campaign. Now, Congress is literally up to its eyeballs in proof of Clinton and Obama crimes, but the leadership is still telling the committees to stand down.

Loretta Lynch herself was in Congress this week to testify before a closed session of the House Intel Committee. When they asked her about her secret tarmac meeting with Bill Clinton, she flat out refused to talk about it. She was under oath and refused to answer the committee's questions, yet the leadership forced the Conservatives on the committee to stand down and let her walk out the door.

Think about that. We have evidence that Bill Clinton secretly met with Loretta Lynch to influence their investigation into Hillary's Espionage Act violations. The FBI was caught lying when they said they had no records pertaining to that meeting. And now, Loretta Lynch committed a Contempt of Congress violation by refusing to answer a committee's questions and the leadership just let her walk.

It is time to kick them all to the curb!

Remove and replace! Send your instant message to Congress and demand that they remove all of the turncoat Republicans from leadership positions!

President Trump is doing everything he can, but the GOP leadership refuses to pass his agenda or even confirm his nominations to replace the Obama democrats leftover in government. Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell are actively sabotaging this President.

It has gotten to the point where Trump himself is having to issue directives and force these government agencies to fall in line. And even that isn't enough to stop these holdovers from trying to protect the Clintons and Obamas.

We are coming up on the one year anniversary of Trump's stunning election victory and just this week, Congress once again passed a budget without funding any of President Trump's major priorities.

The simple answer is they think you're too foolish to see what is happening. They think that they can undermine President Trump and the conservative agenda without losing your support. They have literally perfected the art of all talk and no action politics.

Other than confirming Neil Gorsuch, there is not one thing that Congress has done this year that we wouldn't have also seen under a Hillary Clinton presidency. Conservative legislation remains blocked and liberal priorities continue to be added to spending bills. Even now, Paul Ryan has inserted a DACA amnesty amendment into the next spending bill Congress plans to vote on.

These RINOs need to be removed from power and it is up to you to hold Congress' feet to the fire!

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