President Trump announced earlier this week that he was shutting down all immigration into the United States. It was common sense, both to stop additional cases of the virus from entering the country and to protect American workers from having to compete against foreign workers for jobs once the economy re-opens.

We have confirmed that Trump's original order would have done just that. President Trump was being honest when he made the announcement.

But immediately after he made the declaration, the President became inundated with calls from Members of Congress demanding that he reverse his decision. Leftists like Elizabeth Warren and These cowards received pressure from their special interest donors, who claimed that if foreign workers were blocked from entering the country, they would go out of business.

Just so we're clear, Trump's order was supposed to apply to NON-AGRICULTURAL visas. These are foreigners who come into the US to do blue and white collar jobs that Americans already do.

The Congressmen and Senators -- from both parties, mind you, told the President that foreign workers are necessary because Americans will not want to return to work because they stand to earn more on unemployment... Yes, they actually want more immigration because they believe Americans don't want to get back to work... 

The result of all of this pushback? Trump's order got watered down. Instead of closing the borders, this executive order will now only suspend around 10% to 20% of all immigration into the United States. Non-agricultural foreign workers will continue to enter the United States and take jobs that the 26.5 million unemployed Americans are qualified and eager to do.

President Trump tried. But the pushback he got from Members of Congress was just too great. Republicans and Democrats promised there would be hell to pay if Trump went through with his plan to put Americans first...

This is what we warned you about. President Trump has the power to close the borders because Congress authorized these powers in the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952. But Congress has the power to stop the President as well. We saw that Congress tried multiple times to roll-back Trump's travel bans, and each time fell just a couple votes short.

Well this time, the push back was even greater. Both Democrats and Republicans promised to overrule Trump's order if he dared go through with it as-written. They literally threatened to re-open the borders if Trump tried to close them.

This happened because these Congressmen and Senators fear their special interest and corporate donors more than they fear you.

That has to change.

Special interests don't get to vote on election day. Businesses cannot even donate directly to a politician or candidate. The one who gets to decide whether these politicians stay in office is YOU!

And our elected officials do not take an oath to represent big business. They are suppose to be representing YOU. 

It is time to put the fear of the American voter back into these GOP and Democrat cowards! 

Our goal today is simple: We want to bombard Congress with 1 million FaxBlasts demanding that they work with the President to close the borders to protect the American people and threatening to remove any Congressman or Senator -- Republican or Democrat -- who dares side with special interests instead of the people!

But we can't do that without your help!

Shut it down!

Joe Otto