Senate Republicans will hold a vote this coming week on what they call a "targeted" and "skinny" COVID-19 relief bill. What they mean by that is that it will focus on actual relief and not contain any of the unrelated wishlist items that Nancy Pelosi and her allies snuck into the House version of the bill.

I'll give you the good news first: the Senate GOP's bill will not initially include mail-in voting, ballot harvesting, amnesty for illegal aliens, or unrestricted bailout funds for liberal cities and states. I say initially because Nancy Pelosi has said these items are "non-negotiable," so there is still room for the GOP to cave and give into Pelosi's demands. But this week, the bill they are voting on will not include those radical amendments.

Here is the bad news. We have confirmed that the GOP is agreeing to include funding for "contact tracing, testing, and quarantining." That may sound innocuous, but it has a very specific meaning. The bill being advanced is none other than H.R.6666, the COVID-19 Testing, Reaching, And Contacting Everyone (Trace) Act.

As we have covered, this bill is dangerous. It would award 100 billion to cities and states for this past year, and provide unlimited funding starting October 1 (when the next fiscal year begins) to help liberal jurisdictions "conduct diagnostic testing for COVID–19, to trace and monitor the contacts of infected individuals, and to support the quarantine of such contacts, through— (1) mobile health units; and (2) as necessary, testing individuals and providing individuals with services related to testing and quarantine at their residences."

That last part is the disturbing part. This bill would literally give cities and states a blank check to go into people's homes to provide "services related to testing and quarantine at their residences."

While the pandemic has shown us the best of America in our first responders and medical personnel, it has also shown us the worst of America: tyrannical local and state politicians who used their power to violate their constituents' rights.

You think the lockdowns have been bad? Imagine how bad it will get when the GOP approves funding so government officials can come into your home...

You MUST stop them! Rise up and send your instant FaxBlast to Congress ORDERING them to stand down and kill H.R.6666 before it's too late!

This is where I have to tell you that the authors of this legislation promise that it will not be used to violate anyone's privacy rights. They have even added that promise into the legislation. If I don't tell you this, the so-called "fact checkers" will label this as false.

I do not trust these people for one second. The legislation's author - Rep. Bobby Rush (D-IL) (shown above) - also claims that his bills to ban guns or force gun owners to register their guns with the Federal government would not violate the 2nd Amendment either... You are free to trust his claim that government officials forcing their way into people's homes will not violate anyone's rights, but I sure won't believe it...

We have seen states like California and New York already start implementing their programs. They expect to be reimbursed, so they are already sending government officials out to people's homes. In Los Angeles, the mayor is sending city utility workers out to shut off the power and water at houses suspected of hosting parties. Just so we are clear, even in far-left California, there is nothing illegal about having guests over to your home. Police were dispatched to these homes weeks ago and could only cite them with noise violations because no laws were broken. LA Mayor Garcetti, however, has declared it a "public health violation" for people to invite guests into their home. So, he is shutting off their access to city power and water.

In New York City, people entering the city from other states are being stopped and ordered to quarantine. Government officials are then being dispatched to check on out-of-state visitors. If they are found to not be quarantining, they face fines and potentially even jail time.

In Oregon and Michigan, we have also seen Child Protective Services employees dispatched to harass people who are resisting the lockdowns.

All of this is completely unconstitutional. Your home is your castle and absent a warrant, government officials have zero right to force their way into your home. But H.R.6666 would fund these unconstitutional programs anyway.

This is the "compromise" that Republicans have ironed out with Democrats. Make no mistake, Leftists still want the GOP to surrender even more, but Republicans have already offered to give Democrats at least this much...

You MUST stop them! Rise up and send your instant FaxBlast to Congress ORDERING them to stand down and kill H.R.6666 before it's too late!

There is still time to stop this. As I said, the GOP Senate plans to pass a "skinny" Covid-19 relief bill in the next week and they are including this funding for so-called "contact tracing." There is still a lot of room between the GOP and Democrats on a final bill, but the establishments of both parties have already agreed to pass this "compromise" provision.

There is no such thing as a "compromise" involving government officials entering people's homes to test, interrogate, or enforce quarantine requirements.

If passed, this bill would provide 100 billion to reimburse states for the tyrannical programs they have already enacted this year and then starting October 1, provide an unlimited amount of Federal funding to help cities and states force their way into people's homes.

And the GOP is on board...

You can stop them. There is still time to stop this.

But you need to take action right now!

This is an urgent call to action! Please, you must rise up and send your instant FaxBlast to Congress right now ORDERING them to stand down and kill H.R.6666 before it's too late!

Don't let them do this!

Max McGuire

Advocacy to Action

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