This is a bombshell.

Senators Chuck Grassley and Lindsey Graham sent the FBI a letter yesterday, asking new Director Christopher Wray to investigate a troubling new revelation. Documents show that James Comey was drafting his plan to exonerate Hillary Clinton months before the investigation concluded, and before the FBI had even interviewed Clinton or 16 other witnesses.

Comey wanted to declare Hillary Clinton innocent from the very beginning. He was writing memos and emails as early as April 2016 where he was seen trying to figure out how to explain she was innocent.

The whole Clinton email investigation was a sham. James Comey never intended to allow Clinton to be prosecuted. From the start, he wanted to make sure she walked. He spent the rest of the investigation trying to figure out how to do that, given the fact that there was clear and obvious evidence she broke the law.

The result? On July 5, 2016, James Comey went before the cameras and explained all of the laws that Hillary Clinton broke. But as he reached the end of his statement, he reverted back to the decision he had made months ago. Even though the evidence said she broke the law, he recommended against prosecuting her.

If Hillary had won, this would have never seen the light of day. But now that we know how corrupt this investigation was, we must demand action!

Force Congress to drop the hammer! Send your instant FaxBlast to Congress and DEMAND that they fully investigate and prosecute James Comey for sabotaging the Clinton investigation!

For months, we had been trying to figure out how Comey could possibly have exonerated Hillary Clinton, given all the obvious crimes he listed.

Now, we know. He decided that she was innocent back in April, months before the investigation concluded. He sabotaged the investigation.

So, why on earth would the FBI give out immunity to all of Clinton's aides? Well, for the same reason that Obama holdovers are still trying to get Hillary Clinton a plea deal: they don't want to see the Clintons prosecuted.

James Comey was fired for how he handled the Clinton investigation, or lack there of. He was so angry at getting fired that he leaked his notes about his meetings with the President in the hopes of launching a special investigation.

Now, the notes and documents are showing that it is COMEY who needs to be investigated and prosecuted!

Under oath, James Comey explained to Congress how he arrived at the decision to exonerate Hillary Clinton. He testified that he arrived at the conclusion after examining all the evidence and precedent. He lied. He was never going to let Hillary be prosecuted.

Lying to Congress is a crime and crimes are punishable!

Don't let James Comey get away with this! Send your instantaneous FaxBlast to Congress and DEMAND they go after James Comey for sabotaging the Clinton email investigation!

The only reason there is a special counsel going after President Trump is because James Comey was angry he got fired and wanted to get his revenge. Now, however, we know that his firing was completely legitimate. He had no intention of ever going after Hillary Clinton. He failed the American people.

President Trump weighed in this morning, tweeting, "Wow, looks like James Comey exonerated Hillary Clinton long before the investigation was over... and so much more. A rigged system." During the campaign, Trump warned the Clinton investigation was rigged. He was right.

Comey decided Clinton was innocent before she and 16 other witnesses and suspects were even interrogated. He knew what the outcome would be before even looking at the evidence.

Someone needs to go to prison over this...

The whole thing was a sham. Send your instant FaxBlast to Congress and FORCE them to go after James Comey for sabotaging the Clinton email investigation!

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily