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The economic principles that drive the American economy are simple, and have been proven repeatedly since the industrial revolution. But amid the current “crisis,” I am beginning to wonder if we aren’t going through a planned economic transformation.

In April of 2019, McKinsey & Company published an article entitled, “The decoupling of GDP and energy growth: A CEO guide.” Incredibly now, just four years later, we are seeing this “thought leadership” come to life. From the 2019 article:

“It’s long been axiomatic that economic growth and energy demand are linked. As economies grow, energy demand increases; if energy is constrained, GDP growth pulls back in turn. That’s been the case since the dawn of the Industrial Revolution, if not long before. But past is not always prologue. Our latest global energy perspective—part of a multiyear research effort examining the supply and demand of 55 types of energy across 30 sectors in some 146 countries—suggests that we’re beginning to see a decoupling between the rates of economic growth and energy demand, which in the decades ahead will become even more pronounced.”

While the 2019 piece suggests that we are seeing a decoupling of economic growth and the energy industry as an examination of supply and demand trending, our current reality suggests that we are seeing an intentional dismantling of domestic energy production, economic consequences be damned.

If there is a single factor driving America’s economic decline – and there are many, but if I had to pick just one – it would be the Biden Administration’s energy policy. And given that this article was written less than a year before Biden came into office, McKinsey seems less prophetic than strategic. 

“Indeed, the energy landscape as we know it is poised for foundational change between now and 2050.” 

If you want to improve the lives of Americans, you must invest in the American economy and remove the barriers to American industry and innovation. In order to do that, you must unleash American energy production because, despite the transparent propaganda of McKinsey & Company, energy drives the supply chain – energy drives our economy. 

How long are you, my legislator, going to allow this administration to govern through unilateral executive orders? Biden is assuming congressional powers to enact unconstitutional policies that are wholly destructive of America. Biden has prioritized globalism and foreign interests over the lives of Americans. 

Are you with him? Or do you represent Americans? Remember your oath.