A week ago, I had the privilege of visiting the most successful pro-life pregnancy center in the world: First Choice Pregnancy Services in Las Vegas.

Every year, they save 2500 babies. It is literally the safest place on earth for an unborn child. These are mothers who come in looking for an abortion and, after seeing their baby on the sonogram and talking to the volunteers, decide to keep their baby instead.

While I was there, a woman frantically walked into the clinic. She had just visited an abortion clinic and was given the abortion pill to terminate her pregnancy. She immediately regretted it and rushed to the pro-life center to see if they could reverse the abortion.

After hours of treatment, the volunteers were able to reverse the abortion pill and not heard one heartbeat, but they were able to hear a second heartbeat in the womb. That's right, this woman was carrying twins and the abortion clinic didn't even tell her. She was mortified, but also so thankful that she was able to get help in time.

Here is what is despicable. The abortion clinic this woman visited receives taxpayer funding because they technically provide non-abortion services that qualify. Your taxdol lars prop up this butchery. However, the pro-life pregnancy center that literally saved these children's lives is barred from receiving any taxpayer funding.

Last week, Senator Rand Paul introduced a measure to cut off all federal funding from Planned Parenthood and other abortion clinics. The language was clear. Any organization that provides abortion services would not be allowed to receive taxpayer funds. Instead, the funding would be given to pregnancy centers that actually care for mothers and the unborn.

Mitch McConnell flipped out and ordered the GOP to vote the amendment down. The result was a 45-48 vote against the amendment. Three years ago, when this bill came up for a vote in the Senate, it passed 52-47.

This isn't over. The House of Representatives still needs to pass a bill. The GOP leadership will try everything to stop this pro-life amendment from reaching President Trump's desk.

Please, you CANNOT let this happen!

Protect the unborn! Tell Congress they MUST fully defund the abortion industry and pull the plug on Planned Parenthood's funding!

This is the GOP's strategy. They will only pass Conservative bills when they know they have no chance of reaching President Trump's desk. The House and Senate both voted to defund Planned Parenthood in 2015, but only because they knew Barack Obama would veto it. Now that they have a President eager to sign it, the so-called Conservatives are hiding from their promises.

Right now, Planned Parenthood is halfway to receiving all 543 million that the Obama administration had promised them. The Senate bill completely funds this butcher shop.

If the House passes identical legislation, then Planned Parenthood and other abortion clinics would be free to operate for another year.

That is exactly what Paul Ryan is planning to do. The House of Representatives fully gavels back into session on Tuesday. Once they do, the House has eight full working days to pass all of the spending bills needed to keep the government up and running. That is not a lot of time, and the GOP leadership is using that to their advantage.

Ryan is claiming the House doesn't have enough time to protect the unborn. He is saying they have no choice but to pump another half billion into the abortion industry.

In a committee hearing back in June, Conservatives were able to slip an amendment into the Health and Human Services Appropriations Bill that "eliminates all funding for the controversial Family Planning Title X Program." This is the program that Planned Parenthood uses to receive taxpayer funding.

But we have seen this before. We have seen Conservatives slip in conservative amendments only for Paul Ryan to pull them out at the last minute in order to keep the Left happy. It is happening this week on immigration, it happened last year on gun rights, and now the GOP is going to betray us on abortion.

The biggest pro-life fight of the year is happening right now and no one is talking about it. That is how the GOP wants it.

What happens in the next 4-8 days will determine how many abortions are performed in the United States next year.

If the RINOs get their way, more than three hundred thousand innocent lives will be lost.

But if we win, if we are able to force Congress to hold the line and pull the plug on this abortion clinic funding, hundreds of these butcher shops will be forced to close their doors instead.

That is worth fighting for.

Join the fight and send your instantly delivered message and DEMAND Congress defund Planned Parenthood and every other abortion clinic!

In late April, the Iowa legislature pulled all state funding from abortion clinics. Before the vote, there were 12 Planned Parenthood abortion clinics in the state that performed roughly 4,400 abortions a year.

Less than two months after this bill was signed into law, Planned Parenthood announced they would have to close down 4 of their 12 clinics due to a lack of funding.

Do you know how much funding Iowa actually cut? Only 3 million. That was enough to shut down one third of all the abortion clinics in the State of Iowa.

Right now, the US Congress is debating hundreds of millions in federal funding to prop up more than 1,600 abortion clinics. Cut off this funding and hundreds of these butcher shops would have to close down. 

I will say it again, this is worth fighting for. 

My wife and I welcomed a healthy baby boy into our family back in January. It was an absolute thrill to watch my baby grow on the ultrasound monitor over the course of my wife's pregnancy. But every time I saw my son on that screen, I was reminded of all the babies appearing on ultrasound machines across the country who were being examined for no reason other than to plan an abortion; To plan a murder.

Now, the GOP wants to fund these butcher shops and help Planned Parenthood perform another 300,000 abortions next year.

You have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, right now, to make sure that Federal funds are never again used to prop up the abortion industry.

Please, seize it!

Please, protect the unborn! Send your instant message to Congress right now and FORCE them to pull all funding from Planned Parenthood, once and for all!

Thank you for everything you do,

Max McGuire

Advocacy Director

Conservative Daily