I have a simple question that I want to pose to you.

How can we ever hope to make America great again and pass a pro-American agenda is Democrats can't even bring themselves to stand up for and applaud America?

Last night, President Trump laid out the previous year of accomplishments and presented his vision for working hand-in-hand with Republicans and Democrats to solve the country's problems. Currently, under the Senate rules, it takes 60-votes to pass anything. Since Republicans only hold 51 votes -- less when you consider that John McCain has just stopped showing up for work -- they need at least nine Democrats to support a bill in order for it to pass.

President Trump offered to work with Democrats on infrastructure, helping inner city communities, prison reform, and yes, even immigration reforms. What did Democrats do? They spit in his face.

One of the most telling images from the State of the Union came early in the speech. Donald Trump announced that African American unemployment had reached the lowest level ever recorded. The camera immediately panned to the Congressional Black Caucus. Not only did they sit on their hands and refuse to clap, but they scowled back at the President.

President Trump offered an olive branch to Democrats to fix the country's problems and the camera panned to Chuck Schumer glaring at Trump and Nancy Pelosi angrily scowled back (shown above). And at the end of the speech, when Trump revered the Capitol Building as a monument to America and the American people, Republicans started chanting "USA." Rep. Luis Gutierrez was so triggered by hearing a pro-American message that he stormed out of the State of the Union.

Democrats will never work with President Trump. Even if he offers to give them exactly what they want, they will vote against it just to stop Trump from getting a win. It is time to brush these anti-American obstructionists aside.

Go nuclear! Tell Congress right now to invoke the nuclear option and bust through the Left's obstructionist filibuster!

Seriously: how can Congress get to work helping the American people when Democrats refuse to even acknowledge the fact that President Trump's policies are working?

President Trump praised American veterans and fallen servicemen, proclaiming that we honor their sacrifices by standing for the national anthem. Practically all of the Democrats stayed seating. If there had been enough room, they probably would have knelt.

Trump announced that he wanted Congress to stop giving away taxdollars to America's enemies. Democrats refused to applause.

When President Trump began talking about the horrible crimes committed by illegal alien gang members, Democrats booed and jeered him. They didn't realize that Trump had brought along two families who lost daughters last year who were murdered by illegal alien MS-13 thugs.

Just this week, Democrats filibustered the Pain Capable Unborn Child Protection Act. This legislation would ban elective abortions after the 20th week of development. The United States is one of just 7 countries in the world that permit elective abortions after unborn children develop the ability to feel pain. A recent Marist poll showed that 76 percent of Americans supported this bill. Three Democrats even crossed the aisle to vote for it, bringing the vote total to 51-votes (which is enough to pass a final vote). However, because it didn't reach 60 votes, Democrats were able to block it.

This is shameful.

Mitch McConnell was asked in an interview whether he would use the nuclear option to bust through the Left's obstruction. Again, he said he would not allow it because he didn't want to ruin the Senate's rules. This one pro-life bill alone would have saved 27 innocent children every day. But Mitch McConnell would rather protect the Senate rules than protect the unborn.

Make no mistake: the minute that the Democrats retake the Senate and the White House, they will use the nuclear option to push their agenda through. The only thing McConnell is doing is ensuring that President Trump's agenda is halted in its tracks.

The President has made his demand clear. Go nuclear and push Democrats aside!

Go nuclear! Tell Congress right now to invoke the nuclear option and bust through the Left's obstructionist filibuster!

It was so pathetic to watch Democrats refuse to applaud and cheer the progress that we have made over the past year. They are so committed to seeing President Trump fail that they want the American people to suffer.

President Trump offered an olive branch and Democrats smacked it away. Now is the time to take this country back. 

When my grandchildren ask me what I did to fight for America, I want to be able to tell them "everything I possibly could."

What will your response be?

Go nuclear! Tell Congress right now that they must invoke the nuclear option and bust through the Left's obstructionist filibuster, or else!

Don't let this opportunity pass us by.