The Trump administration has officially begun building 450 miles of new border wall. Now, Democrats and Republicans are forcing a vote to pull all of the border wall project's funding! 

The Department of Homeland Security announced that the administration has now completed 65 miles of new border wall. This represents two and a half years of fighting. Republicans and Democrats had teamed together to block Trump from building any new border wall sections. But the President fought back and moved funding around to get these 65 miles built. The establishment wants this to be the end of it. They want Donald Trump to end his first term without another mile of wall being built.

President Trump, however, has other plans. Last week, construction crews began working on a 5 mile section of new fencing outside of Yuma, Arizona (shown in the photograph above).

See that 4-foot-tall barrier on the left of the photo? That is the fencing that was authorized under the Bush and Obama administration. That is what previous Presidents called "border security"... It would be comical if it wasn't a vital piece of national security infrastructure. A toddler could get through that.

In addition to new construction, Trump is having hundreds of miles of that pitiful "fencing" ripped up and replaced with 18-to-30 foot pedestrian border wall sections (as you can see on the right of the photo). The only reason this is even possible is because of the President's border wall national emergency. The President reprogrammed the Pentagon's drug interdiction and construction funding to get this done. Over the next year, the administration will use these funds to build 450-to-470 miles of border wall.

The land has been purchased. The contracts with vendors and construction firms have been signed. Once the construction begins, then the 8.1 billion in funding will be disbursed. The finish line is in sight. We are so close to winning this fight.

But Democrats and their Establishment GOP allies are now rushing to pull the plug on the border wall all together!

By the end of the month, Congress must pass spending bills to keep the Department of Homeland Security and the Pentagon running. If these bills don't pass, then the government shuts down.

Democrats want to use both of these bills to cut off the border wall project's funding. They have attached amendments to each bill that would block the President from using any funds to build, plan, renovate, refurbish, or repair any sections of border wall.

If these bills pass as-is, the border wall project is dead.

The worst part is that the Left has Republican help. Senators Mitt Romney (UT) and Mike Lee (UT) have already announced they will vote to cancel the border wall national emergency. Other Republicans like Susan Collins (ME), Lamar Alexander (TN), Roy Blunt (MO), Jerry Moran (KS), Lisa Murkowski (AK), Rand Paul (KY), Rob Portman (OH), Pat Toomey (PA), Roger Wicker (MS) and Marco Rubio (FL) are also negotiating on the specifics of the bill.

Combine their votes with the Democrats and that means they're just one vote away from blocking the border wall funding!

The numbers are close in the House as well. Dozens of Democrats have to stand for re-election in Republican-leaning districts that Trump won. The last thing they want to do is vote to cancel border wall construction. The Left needs Republicans to vote with them, and right now they have already gotten 13 of them on board!

We have a chance to actually secure the US-Mexico border. Construction on 450+ miles of new border wall has already begun.

And now, the Establishment is one vote away from cancelling it all...

Don't let Congress shutdown the border wall project! Send your instant letter to Congress right now and FORCE them to stop these anti-border wall bills in their tracks... or else!

This is the future of our country that we are talking about here.

For decades, Republicans and Democrats alike have deliberately kept the border unsecured. For goodness sake, look at those "vehicle barriers" that Trump is tearing out and replacing. That is what Republicans and Democrats had called border security. For years, they have promised to build a fence to secure the border and this is what they actually accomplished. 

For the first time ever, we have a President who is willing to actually get the job done. He has used every power he has to move the border wall project forward. By this time next year, the administration plans to complete at least 450+ miles of additional border wall.

Everything we have been fighting for, it comes down to this...

You cannot let these Democrats and Establishment Republicans pull the plug on this border wall construction!

Build the Wall,

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily