For the past two weeks, Nancy Pelosi claimed it was 'too dangerous' for Congress to go back into session.

But at the same time, she promised that Democrats were close to finalizing their massive 1 trilliond ollar phase four stimulus bill.

Which begs the question: If Members of Congress are not allowed in DC, who exactly is writing the bill? Well, now we know... Pelosi is outsourcing the job to Leftist interest groups so that they can write the bill on Congress's behalf!

Yesterday, both Pelosi and Schumer made a big announcement. After weeks of "negotiating," they declared that the phase four stimulus bill will include a bailout for illegal aliens!

Stop the Pelosi/Schumer illegal alien bailout before it's too late! Tell Congress right now that you will remove any Congressman or Senator who dares vote to give stimulus checks to illegals aliens!

In order to qualify for a stimulus check, someone needs to be an American citizen or a legal permanent resident with a Social Security Number. Without an SSN, they are not eligible for stimulus funds.

Democrats have been howling over this for weeks, claiming it is not fair. They say that illegals pay taxes too, and therefore they deserve a bailout.

It is true that illegal aliens are still required to pay taxes, even if they are working illegally. They can do it in one of two ways: (1) using a forged or stolen identity or (2) using what is known as an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number, or ITIN.

ITINs exist so that foreigners who own businesses in the US, but don't live here, can pay their taxes. But illegal aliens use them too to make sure they don't get deported because they didn't pay their taxes...

But at the end of the day, they are still illegal aliens. They are living and working in the United States ILLEGALLY. The United States has no obligation to take care of them.

And yet, that is what Democrats are prioritizing. Nancy Pelosi said yesterday that the next stimulus bill will 'right this wrong' because the American people realize it is unfair if illegal aliens don't get a bailout too... She has agreed to include the ridiculously-named "Leave No Taxpayer Behind Act" as an amendment. This would allow illegal aliens to receive a stimulus check using their ITINs.

Pelosi said that the American people "understood clearly the injustice of it all" and will support the Left's plan to give a bailout to illegal aliens. Schumer followed up by accusing the Trump administration of a "lack of empathy." 

"Let's call it for what it is," Schumer concluded, "It's a form of discrimination."

Do you support Pelosi and Schumer's bailout for illegal aliens? Or will you stand and fight back right now before they are able to push it through?!

Don't let Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer get away with this! Raise your voice right now and THREATEN to remove any Democrat or Republican who dares vote to bail out illegal aliens!

Pelosi and Schumer are hoping they can force a vote this coming week. They claim that their stimulus bill is necessary to 'save the economy,' but their top priority is to secure a bailout for illegal alien families.

We will continue to cover each and every Democrat scheme, but right now we need your help to stop this provision from passing.

Illegal aliens can NEVER be allowed to receive stimulus funds reserved for hardworking Americans!

But unless we kill this Pelosi/Schumer amendment right now, they are going to push it through!

Say NO to Pelosi and Schumer's illegal alien bailout! Quick, before it's too late, tell Congress right now that anyone who votes to send stimulus funds to illegal aliens must be removed from office!

Now or never,

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily