Fellow Conservative,

Barack Obama is wasting no time pushing through his suicidal nuclear deal and is sidestepping Congress by submitting the agreement to the UN for ratification before Congress.

The Obama administration blew through the Congressionally-imposed deadline. That means that Congress will get 60 days to review the deal before they're forced to vote on it.

But that's not good enough for Barack Hussein Obama. He wants his deal now.

So before Congress has even has a chance to hold a hearing on it, Obama is pushing the agreement through the UN Security Council this Monday!

Don’t let Obama circumvent Congress and force the Iran nuclear agreement through the UN first!

The President wants to have his cake and eat it too. He wants to the American people to finance his diplomatic mission and then cut the people's representatives out of the ratification process.

Congress passed the Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act earlier this year and retained he right to disapprove of any deal coming out of the negotiations. But Obama isn't taking any chances. He's putting the agreement before the United Nations so that even if Congress votes it down, the deal's provisions would still be in effect at the international level.

If this sounds familiar, it should. The Obama administration pulled the same stunt with the UN Arms Trade Treaty. They knew the treaty had zero chance of passing through Congress so Obama had John Kerry sign it anyway. His signature didn't carry the force of law, but the Obama administration pledged to do whatever was necessary to help get the treaty enacted.

Now, the President is doing the same thing with the Iran deal. He's putting it through the UN as fast as possible so that even if Congress votes it down, the US would still be beholden to the agreement at the international level.

It really is simple. Congress must have the first say on this deal. The President cannot push through an agreement and promise the United States’ support if Congress hasn’t ratified it. This is so unconstitutional!

Don't let Obama and the UN force this suicidal nuclear deal down the American people's throats!

Barack Obama took an oath to defend the Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic. The catch is that the President has proven himself to be one of the very domestic enemies he is supposed to be fighting.

But just as the President took this oath, our Representatives and Senators took the same oath! But they aren’t doing anything to stop his lawlessness. You didn’t elect your Congressman and Senator just to watch them toss away their power to the President, did you?

Honestly… is this how you want our constitutional republic to work? Do you want to live in a country where the President can implement nuclear treaty using the UN without going through Congress?

Our Representatives and Senators are spineless. They are just letting Obama walk all over them and trample all over the Constitution! What is wrong with them? They are just watching as Obama erodes their legislative authority right before their eyes.

This is where we need to stand up! This is where we need to DEMAND that Congress put a stop to this lawlessness!

The Constitution demands that the President hand every international treaty over to Congress for it to be ratified. The President signed the Iran Nuclear Agreement Review Act, which protects this Congressional power. Now, Obama is doing everything in his power to ignore his constitutional limitations so he can implement the Iran deal through the UN on his own!

Don’t let Obama shred the Constitution and sidestep Congress to surrender to Iran! Demand that Congress put a stop to this!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily