This is the opening we have been waiting for. FBI Director James Comey never intended to launch a real investigation into Hillary Clinton’s crimes. The DNC’s own internal memos prove that they were sure the Obama administration would not allow the investigation to "go too far."

James Comey found this memo during the investigation and he buried it. He found evidence of collusion between the Democrats and the Obama administration to put their finger on the scale and he hid it away.

Loretta Lynch met with James Comey personally and instructed him to stop referring to the Clinton investigation as an “investigation.” Instead, she instructed him to start referring to it as a “matter,” repeating the Clinton campaign’s talking points that there was no criminal investigation. Days after this meeting, Comey met with reporters and referred to the investigation as a “matter,” precisely how Lynch and the Clintons wanted them to.

Then, when it came time to recommend prosecution, Comey reinterpreted the law to let Hillary off the hook. Even though the law does not require intent to prosecute – only gross negligence – Comey recommended Clinton not be prosecuted because he couldn’t prove intent. It made absolutely no sense. But now that we know he was working with the Obama administration to repeat Clinton campaign talking points, his actions make a lot more sense...

Then, when it became obvious that some of Clinton’s classified emails were being forwarded to Anthony Weiner’s laptop, Comey once again let Clinton off the hook. When Congress referred Hillary Clinton’s server technician to the FBI for prosecution, Comey completely ignored the referral.

Comey was told to go easy on Clinton and despite all the evidence of her guilt, he still let her off the hook. But the statute of limitations has not yet expired...

Now, he’s gone and it is time to finish this!

Send your FaxBlast to Congress and DEMAND that Hillary Clinton be charged now that James Comey is gone!

President Trump was gracious. He offered to move on from the Clinton investigation. All Hillary needed to do was just disappear off into the sunset. Instead, she is launching a Super PAC to fight Trump at every turn.

Yesterday, White House Social Media Manager Dan Scavino teased that he was going to release the video of Hillary Clinton calling Donald Trump to concede the election. The White House is going to show the world that Hillary Clinton conceded defeat and wished the President-elect success, only to turn around and commit to undermining him.

Hillary Clinton is no longer off limits!

We know that Obama was protecting her. He's gone.

We know that Loretta Lynch was protecting her. She’s gone.

James Comey took Lynch’s instructions to protect her. He’s gone.

Now is the time to strike!

Send your urgent FaxBlast to Congress and FORCE them to finish what they started and formally charge Hillary Clinton with Contempt of Congress!

Hillary Clinton lied under oath. She told Congress that she handed over all work-related emails and we know for a FACT that the FBI discovered new, never-before-seen classified emails on her private server. Clinton had tried to delete them, but apparently not hard enough because they were recovered.

Just last week, the State Department was forced to publicize a few dozen classified emails that the FBI had recovered.

The acting Director of the FBI is Andrew McCabe. If that sounds familiar, it should. His wife received more than half a million dollars from a Clinton ally to help her run for state office. Andrew McCabe even appeared in a campaign ad that was made using this Clinton money. This donation came while McCabe was leading the investigation into Clinton emails and he did not disclose the conflict. He is just as crooked, if not more crooked, than James Comey.

Congress has the authority to refer individuals to the FBI for prosecution, but that is a dead end. McCabe will not prosecute the family that gave his wife all that money.

But there is also a statute that allows Congress to bypass the FBI and DOJ entirely. If Congress holds someone in Contempt of Congress for lying under oath, refusing to appear, or violating a subpoena, then the law requires that the Attorney General "must" convene a Grand Jury. Neither the FBI nor the DOJ would have the authority to intervene.

We are calling on Congress to hold Hillary Clinton in Contempt for lying under oath, but we need your help to make it happen!

Please, send your FaxBlast here and DEMAND that Congress hold Hillary Clinton in Contempt and force the FBI/DOJ to impanel a grand jury!