We caught them. With all of the politicians leaking information to make Pres. Trump look bad, it was only a matter of time before Conservatives started playing the same games against the establishment. But this goes so far beyond that...

Yesterday, Congressman Paul Gosar made a stunning admission: Paul Ryan has spent the past five years pushing behind the scenes for amnesty. He tried to force the Congress to vote on Barack Obama's gang of eight amnesty bill back in 2013 and he is making the same demands once again.

Tomorrow is Congress' deadline to pass a budget. If they don't, then the government shuts down. For most of us, that won't mean a whole lot. Sure, national parks would close, but all essential government services would stay open. Only problem is that none of those workers would receive a paycheck.

Democrats are demanding a "clean amnesty" bill or else they will shut down the government. They are actually willing to force military families to miss a paycheck in order to give amnesty to a million illegal aliens. 

None of this could matter, however, if Paul Ryan forces a vote anyway and teams up with the Democrats to get it passed.

Establishment Republicans have waited their whole lives for amnesty. They expected Hillary Clinton to win, which would have allowed them to pass whatever they wanted. Trump's election has thrown their plan out the window. Yet, instead of accepting the President's America First immigration, Ryan and Co are continuing with their amnesty plan.

Don't let these cowards cave!

President Trump has made his demands clear, yet Ryan and McConnell keep pushing their amnesty plans. Tell Congress that they MUST remove these GOP cowards from leadership or else be removed themselves!

Everything we have pushed for, everything we have fought for on immigration comes down to this.

There is actually a pretty good compromise bill in the House. Rep. Bob Goodlatte (R-VA) has introduced legislation to deal with the "Dreamers" and give President Trump practically everything he wants. It's called the "Securing America's Future Act."

The bill would give amnesty recipients temporary legal status, meaning they could continue living and working here as long as they stay on the right side of the law. They would NOT be eligible for a green card and, since they are illegal aliens after all, would NOT be allowed to become US citizens. But, they would be safe from deportation.

In return -- and this is where the bill really gets great -- we would get (1) full defunding of sanctuary cities, (2) full funding for the border wall, (3) funding to hire 10k ICE and Border Patrol agents, (4) mandatory use of E-Verify, to ensure that illegal aliens can't get jobs in the US, (5) fully implements Kate's Law to punish deported illegal alien criminals who return to the US, (6) an end to the visa lottery, and (7) an end to chain migration, which would ensure amnestied illegals wouldn't be allowed to bring their whole families in.

I can get on board with this deal. The protection for the dreamers would take Green Cards and Citizenship off the table, and give us practically everything we want. 

President Trump has endorsed the Securing America's Future Act, but Paul Ryan continues to block it from getting a final vote. Even though it includes everything he has supposedly advocated, he won't let it reach the floor.

Ryan and his allies, however, are holding out for a more liberal amnesty deal. McConnell is no better. Even though Trump has made clear that he supports the Securing America's Future Act, McConnell declared yesterday in a press statement that he has no idea what Trump wants in a bill. That's because he doesn't want to pass Goodlatte's bill. It doesn't go far enough to help illegal aliens.

Help us kick these cowards to the curb!

Don't let these traitors sabotage the President's immigration agenda! Tell Congress that they MUST remove these GOP cowards from leadership or else be removed themselves!

And remember, none of this would be necessary if Mitch McConnell just used the nuclear option to eliminate the Democrat filibuster. The whole reason we are facing a potential government shutdown is because we need 60 votes in the Senate to pass any bill. If McConnell went nuclear and lowered that threshold to 51, we wouldn't even be having this conversation.

But once again, McConnell is a coward. 

The pathway is deal. The compromise bill put forward by Goodlatte and the Freedom Caucus, while potentially giving more to illegal aliens than we would have hoped, takes citizenship off the table and fulfills all of Trump's major immigration promises. But the establishment won't allow a vote. 

Listen, I don't take pleasure in calling for this. I want nothing more than for Congress to act on the mandate that the American voters gave them in 2016. But it is clear they won't. It is clear that they are committed to seeing Hillary Clinton's immigration proposals become law instead. 

You MUST demand that Congress clean house!

No citizenship for illegal aliens! Send your instant FaxBlast to Congress and DEMAND that they remove these GOP cowards from leadership or else be removed themselves!