Breaking: A Deep State official just admitted a MASSIVE cover-up under oath!

All of the facts are starting to come out. The Deep State rats are starting to flee the sinking ship.

Last week, James Comey's friend and associate James Baker (pictured above) started singing to Congressional investigators. Baker was Comey's top advisor. He resigned in shame after news broke this year about Lisa Page and Peter Strzok's crimes.

Now, he is turning on the Deep State and telling Congress everything. Not only did he admit under oath that the Trump-Russia investigation was political from the start, but he admitted for the first time that DNC and Clinton campaign officials were involved from the very beginning!

That's right. In 2016, a lawyer representing both the Clinton campaign and Democrat Party met with Obama administration officials to hand over their "dossier" on Trump and Russia. The lawyer's name was Michael Sussman.

That name won't be familiar because the Deep State has literally hid him from the public. When the House of Representatives released their Fisa Memo, the Deep State demanded redactions. One sentence of the report read, "in September 2016, [redacted] shared similar information in a one-on-one meeting with FBI General Counsel James Baker."

[Redacted] was this Clinton/DNC lawyer. His name should have been released months ago, but the Deep State redacted his name from reports for "national security" reasons. That is the reason they gave for hiding the Clinton lawyer's name.

Protecting a Democrat lawyer's identity has nothing to do with national security. Deep State operatives are literally abusing the redaction laws to stop the truth from getting out to the public!

If the Deep State is willing to break the law to redact a Democrat operative's name like this, just imagine what is in the documents they refuse to turn over at all!

Enough is enough! Send your instant FaxBlast to Congress right now and ORDER them to seize these Deep State documents and start prosecuting everyone involved in the cover-up!

In the final days of the 2016 campaign, Hillary Clinton's own campaign sent a lawyer to help the FBI start investigating Donald Trump. The "dossier" had no corroboration, but the Obama administration ended up using it to trick a Federal judge into approving a surveillance warrant, allowing the FBI and DOJ to spy on the Trump campaign.

This is the biggest bombshell of all.

President Trump tried to release all of these documents, unredacted, to the public. He ordered the Department of Justice to release them "immediately." Democrats teamed up with the Deep State to block him. Top Congressional Democrats literally ordered the Deep State to defy the President's orders. It's treason.

Now, we know why. The redactions to these documents weren't made for "national security" reasons. They were made to protect the Democrats and the Clintons.

This news broke last week, but with the circus over Kavanaugh's confirmation, it hasn't started leaking out until today.

We now know that the Trump-Russia investigation was political from the start and the Deep State has been breaking the law to cover it up!

The Deep State will never willingly release these documents. Not only does it destroy the "Russian collusion" narrative, but it implicates these Deep State operatives Obama-holdovers in crimes!

James Comey, Loretta Lynch, Sally Yates, Andrew McCabe, and Rod Rosenstein have all signed off on these fraudulent surveillance warrants against the President. This list is a who's who of anti-Trump deep staters. Loretta Lynch is the one who secretly met with Bill Clinton just hours before Hillary was exonerated. McCabe, Comey, and Yates were all fired for their political bias and anti-Trump animus. Rod Rosenstein is literally defying Congressional subpoenas and Presidential orders to cover up all of it.

The President tried to release these documents, but the Deep State ignored the directive. Now, only Congress can seize these documents and make the truth public!

This is treason! Tell Congress right now to SEIZE all of these Deep State documents and start charging these criminals with obstruction and contempt!

Congress subpoenaed these documents well over a year ago. Congressional subpoenas carry the force of law.

Remember during the Kavanaugh confirmation vote, how Vice President Mike Pence had to keep asking the "Sergeant at Arms" to restore order in the gallery? The Sergeant at Arms is the law enforcement arm of the Congress. He is charged with enforcing the law. That can be everything from removing obnoxious protesters to enforcing subpoenas.

When someone defies a lawful Congressional subpoena, the Sergeant at Arms has the power to compel compliance. That includes seizing subpoenaed documents and even arresting witnessed to drag them before Congress to testify. In rare Contempt of Congress cases, the Sergeant at Arms can even imprison witnesses in a jail cell beneath the Capitol Building for the duration of the Congress (until new Congressmen/Senators are sworn-in).

Congress has tremendous power to force Rosenstein and the DOJ to comply with the subpoena and Presidential order. Paul Ryan, however, refuses to let them use this power. Ryan pretended to give Rosenstein an ultimatum, but has now blocked the conservatives in the Freedom Caucus from enforcing it.

Outrage in Congress is starting to boil over. Rep. Peter King (R-NY), who is as moderate as they come, is now demanding immediate Congressional action to release these withheld documents.

The Trump-Russia witch hunt has always been political and now we know that the Deep State is covering it up not for national security reasons, but to protect themselves from embarrassment and prosecution!

It's time to end this, right now!

Don't let the Deep State win! Send your instant message to Congress right now and ORDER them to seize these documents and start charging these operatives with Contempt and Obstruction!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily