Breaking: Caravan migrants began rushing the border last night after news broke that Paul Ryan had approved a spending bill that once again blocks border wall funding!

It was only a matter of time. Since arriving in Tijuana, the Caravan has chosen to focus on high-profile border protests. They have marched to the border and provoked Border Patrol into responding in order to sway public opinion in their favor.

But last night, the charade ended. Under the cover of darkness, illegal aliens from the migrant caravan began climbing over the fence and dropping onto US soil.

The invasion has begun.

Instead of crossing at fortified checkpoints like the one in San Ysidro, the caravan walked along the border until they found a point where the border fence was shorter and easier to climb. They had to walk a mile or so, but they finally found it: a section of border fence where the razor wire disappeared and the fence became short enough for migrants, and even children, to hop right over.

President Trump has done everything he could. He signed an executive order forcing migrants to enter the US through legitimate ports of entry in order to be eligible for asylum. He fortified checkpoints with miles and miles of barbed wire and even deployed the military with lethal weapons to support Border Patrol at these checkpoints.

One Obama Judge, however, threw a wrench in the entire plan. Judge John Tigar ruled that the President's asylum executive order was illegal. He ordered the administration to accept asylum applications from illegal aliens, no matter how they enter the US. And just like that, the caravan had its opening.

Instead of rushing the checkpoint, they can now just walk a few miles to where the fence becomes less secure, hop over, and all they have to do is say 'asylum' to the first Border Patrol or police officer they come into contact with. And that is exactly what they're doing!

Don't let the GOP run out the clock on the border wall! Send your instant letter to Congress now and FORCE them to fully fund the border wall by any means necessary... or else!

We just learned that Paul Ryan is moving forward with his plan. Congress is passing a short-term continuing resolution to keep the government funded through the end of September. Ryan claims that this is so Congress can respect George HW Bush's wake in the Capitol Building. But the timing of this means that Paul Ryan can block the border wall funding, potentially even forever.

You see, when Congress passes a Continuing Resolution (CR), it comes with an estimate for when the government would theoretically run out of funding. That estimate isn't always accurate. For example, when Congress passed a CR last year, the government was able to keep running for two weeks longer than expected before Congress had to pass another bill.

Instead of having to fund the government by December 7, Paul Ryan's plan pushes it back two weeks to December 21.

That leaves just 14 days between the end of the Continuing Resolution and when Democrats take over control of the House of Representatives. However, these aren't a typical 14 days. They include the Christmas and New Year's holidays, when many government employees are off from work anyway. That means that while the Continuing Resolution would last until December 21 under normal circumstances, it is possible that Departments and Agencies could remain funded into early January because of pre-planned closures around the holidays.

Paul Ryan has two options. He can resist the President and actively prevent border wall funding in his last two weeks in power or, if he's lucky, Ryan can just sit on his hands and not pass any new spending package whatsoever. Either way, Ryan and the GOP Establishment win by blocking the border wall from being built!

The Mexican government closed down the caravan's tent city in Tijuana over the weekend and announced that they were going to move the caravan 11 miles farther away from the US-Mexico border. The caravan is starting to grow restless and realize that their chances of getting into the US are dropping every day.

That is why they rushed the border last night and the only reason that many of them were able to get in is because the Republican leadership refuses to fund the wall!

Paul Ryan just blocked border wall funding for the tenth time since Trump took office! Fight back and tell Congress you will remove anyone who does not fund the border wall project immediately!

The Democrats are already showing their hand. Rep. Adriano Espaillat (D-NY) announced yesterday that his party would consider massive amnesty for Obama's so-called "dreamers" without any border security provisions whatsoever.

"The Dream Act should be taken on alone, with no poison pills attached to it," Espaillat said.

The Democrats actually consider border security to be a "poison pill." That is how radicalized they have become.

The Left's mission is clear. Not only do they want a massive amnesty bill, but they want to broadcast to the entire world that the border is wide open and that anyone who gets across is allowed to stay. That is what drove the caravan here and that is what will drive millions more illegal aliens into the country if the Left's plan succeeds.

Paul Ryan started the year committed to stopping the border wall and passive a major amnesty bill to please the GOP's corporate donors that want more cheap labor.

Now, with just days left in office, Ryan doesn't have to pass these on his own anymore. He just has to stall for a couple more days for Pelosi to take over and block the President's immigration agenda.

Paul Ryan told President Trump that he would have better luck negotiating with Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer over the border wall funding. Trump is doing just that. He just scheduled a meeting with Chuck and Nancy to discuss the border wall funding that Paul Ryan refuses to give him.

None of this will matter if the GOP succeeds in running out the clock...

It is up to YOU to force Congress to fully fund the President's border wall project before it's too late! Send your instant letter to Congress right now and demand an immediate border wall vote!

The GOP's plan is starting to come into focus. They just blocked border wall funding from reaching the President's desk again. If they can do it one more time, then it's over.

President Trump is doing everything he can, but he is being backed into a corner. Activist judges are blocking his immigration enforcement orders... Executive branch officials are trying to undermine his troop deployment... and now GOPers in Congress have blocked border wall funding once again.

The President must feel like he's all alone in this, but he isn't alone... He has you and he needs your help!

Stop the GOP's immigration surrender before it's too late! Quick, send your instant and letter to Congress right now and FORCE them to fully fund the border wall, or else!

Stop the betrayal,

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily