This week, the White House issued an emergency order to suspend all USAID foreign aid disbursements.

The Coronavirus Task Force was calling foreign countries, looking for anyone willing to share medical equipment with the United States. Pence's team called Thailand and asked if they could send any additional masks they had to help American hospitals fight the virus.

The response was chilling. The Thai official on the other line was confused that Pence was asking for masks considering that Thailand was waiting on a shipment of masks from us. Pence was stunned. Could it be that the US Agency for International Development was actually giving away medical equipment to foreign countries?

Yes, that is exactly what was happening. Government officials have been buying up personal protective equipment (PPE), like masks and gowns, and instead of giving it to American hospitals to treat American patients, the equipment was shipped overseas as "foreign aid."

This is so disgusting...

Cancel all foreign aid NOW! Send your instant FaxBlast to Congress and ORDER them to cancel all foreign aid programs... or else!

Last week, Democrats forced the GOP to add over 760 million in foreign aid to the stimulus bill. That included 95 million for USAID and 258 million for foreign disaster relief.

This was one of the sticking points that Democrats used to delay the stimulus package for an entire week. They literally turned their backs on Americans to try to get more foreign aid approved...

And now we know what that foreign aid funding was being used for... USAID was buying up medical equipment and sending it overseas...

Enough is enough. The United States of America is the most generous country on earth. No civilization has helped more people escape poverty and tyranny than the United States. Whenever there is a natural disaster, the United States is the first on the scene to help.

But right now, we need to take care of the American people. The Chinese Virus has now infected over 190,000 people and killed 4,000 Americans. Hospitals are running out of medical equipment and doctors and nurses are being forced to use homemade masks and even repurposed garbage bags to keep themselves safe.

And now we hear that the State Department has been buying up this gear and sending it overseas?

The Trump administration can temporarily suspend foreign aid, but only an act of Congress can make it permanent.

And only YOU can demand it!

Cancel all foreign aid! Send your instant FaxBlast to Congress right now and ORDER them to cancel all foreign aid programs... or else!

President Trump said it best. It is time to focus on helping the American people. Once we beat this virus, we can turn our gaze outward to help other countries win the fight.  It is time to put America first.

But last week, Democrats put America last. They increased foreign aid spending and now we know precisely how USAID and the State Department intended to use that funding. They have been buying up medical equipment and sending it to other countries.

Over the weekend, Nancy Pelosi claimed that Donald Trump had blood on his hands.

But what about Democrats? They delayed the stimulus bill in order to get more foreign aid funding approved and now we know that foreign aid was being used to take medical equipment away from Americans and give it to foreign countries...

Enough is enough. Our goal today is to send half a million FaxBlasts to Congress today demanding a full shutdown for ALL foreign aid and for all medical equipment and funding in USAID's custody to be used to help the American people instead.

This is common sense. But the idiots in Congress just don't get it... While all of this was happening, Democrats were fighting to approve more foreign aid funding...

YOU have to be the one to hold their feet to the fire and force them to act!

Put a stop to the Left's foreign aid scheme right now! Send your instant FaxBlast to Congress and ORDER them to cancel all foreign aid programs... or else!

Don't let them get away with this!

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily