Just a little over a week ago, the GOP passed a spending package that caved to the Left's open border demands. They literally did it during the Kavanaugh hearings, when the country was glued to their television sets.

Instead of funding border enforcement and the wall, the Ryan teamed up with the Democrats to pass a 'continuing resolution' to keep the Department of Homeland Security funded at last year's levels.

This past year, Ryan pushed through legislation that outlawed border wall construction. The continuing resolution kept that prohibition in place. The move sets up a major vote over border wall funding in December.

President Trump is refusing to bow to Paul Ryan's demands. Trump just defied Congress and signed off on a new border wall construction project in Texas.

As of this morning, the project is officially underway!

President Trump needs your help! Send your instant message to Congress and FORCE them to fully fund the wall and border security, or else!

The El Paso Border Sector sees some of the worst illegal immigration, drug smuggling, and human trafficking. For years, Border Patrol has relied on a pitiful wire mesh fence to keep the country safe. Anyone with wire cutters could sneak into the country.

Today, however, construction companies are removing the fencing and putting up an impregnable wall!

Congress prohibited President Trump from building new border walls. Trump isn't listening. Four new miles of border walls are being erected along the Southern Border!

Liberals are outraged. They are accusing President Trump of trying to ruin their Hugs Not Walls event. Every year, illegal aliens gather along the US-Mexico border and hug their relatives still living in Mexico. The Obama administration had turned a blind eye to the program even though it is illegal. Trump decided to put up a wall instead.

Liberals are demanding that the project be halted so that illegals can still be able to hug their family members. That's not a joke. That's literally their argument.

This section of border wall was supposed to stretch hundreds of miles in both directions. Last year, Border Patrol agents in the El Paso Sector apprehended more than twenty-five thousand illegal aliens. El Paso is the sector where the border fence currently turns into "vehicle barriers" a few miles outside the city limits. All an illegal alien needs to do is walk alongside the fence until it ends...

Congressional Republicans tried desperately to stop the wall from being built here. Paul Ryan teamed up with Democrats to pass a spending bill that, on paper, was supposed to halt these projects. Pres. Trump found the workaround and now the border wall is going up. But Trump only has the funding for a couple of miles...

Don't let the Establishment kill the wall! Tell Congress to fully fund the border wall right now, or else face the consequences!

The GOP is playing a dangerous game and praying that you won't notice.

With the midterm elections just a month away, Ryan and his pals know that if they can stall for just another four weeks, they have a chance at permanently blocking the border wall from ever being built.

They want to wait until after the midterms. If the Democrats retake Congress, then the border wall will never be funded. If the GOP narrowly holds onto their majorities, then the American people will have given up all of their leverage to force the funding for the next two years. Either way, the establishment thinks they'll win...

Our push is simple: any Congressman or Senator who opposed border wall funding will be removed from office.

Pres. Trump is doing everything he can to keep the project moving forward. He has authorized border wall construction in California, New Mexico, Arizona, and now even in Texas. But he can't do this forever. 

He needs Congress to fund and authorize the wall and he needs YOU to force them to do it!

 President Trump needs your help! Please, send your instant message to Congress and FORCE them to fully fund the wall and border security, or else!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily