What a roller coaster couple of days.

This morning, President Trump came out swinging against the GOP establishment. He took to social media and declared that despite Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell's best efforts, they will not be able to stop the border wall from being built. They didn't even realize it, but Trump got the money.

The President took to social media and declared that the border wall would be reclassified as a defense project because of its national security implications. The RINOs tried desperately to stop funding from going to the wall, but they may have failed. Trump secured massive increases in defense spending which, according to the President, is being re-routed to border wall funding.

"Building a great Border Wall, with drugs (poison) and enemy combatants pouring into our Country," Trump explained, "is all about National Defense. Build the WALL through the Military!"

And as if on cue, Establishment Republicans were outraged. They are already talking with Democrats to pass a new bill to block the wall from being built!

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After the budget was passed and Trump hinted at the military spending angle to build the wall, the President invited Secretary of Defense James Mattis to comment.

"Now, it's our responsibility in the military to spend every dollar wisely in order to keep the trust and the confidence of the American people and the Congress," Mattis said.

That might seem like he's against the wall, but his language is important: "spend every dollar wisely."

In order for the Pentagon to authorize the border wall using its discretionary spending, they just need to secure 3.8% in cost savings. That's cutting less than four pennies out of every dollar or, in essence, nothing.

With the National Guard routinely being forced to deploy to the border, those cost savings are easy to find. And the Army's Corps of Engineers alone would save tens of millions of dollars in labor costs versus private laborers.

After discussing all of this internally, President Trump posted a striking message to social media.

"Work will start immediately."

Which is why you see Establishment Republicans scrambling. With the exception of the Tax Cuts bill, John McCain hasn't voted on legislation since mid-to-late October. This news is apparently enough to get John McCain itching to return to Washington to vote down the President.

Don't let the GOP sabotage this again! 

Build the wall! Send your FaxBlast and FORCE Congress to protect President Trump's plan to build the wall anyway, or else be removed from office!

This isn't over. President Trump has found a way. Now, the Republican leadership are in talks with Democrats to block him.

Do Not Let This Happen!

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