The GOP is scrambling to find a way to block border wall funding for one more month. They know that if they can stop Trump from getting the funding by December 7, then Nancy Pelosi will take over in early January and the wall will never get built.

This comes at a critical time because as of this morning, more than ten thousand illegal caravan migrants have arrived at the border. Almost three and a half thousand arrived yesterday by bus.

The caravan had wanted to make one big push to get into the United States, but the Mexican people are actually turning on the caravan. These small border villages aren't designed to suddenly handle thousands of vagrants. Mexican citizens living at the border are forcefully trying to push the caravan out of their towns.

So, they're starting to try to break into the United States. Yesterday, Border Patrol arrested dozens of illegal aliens from the caravan. The problem? At least a couple hundred scaled the fence yesterday.

Even with most of the caravan gathered in the same city -- Tijuana -- Border Patrol don't have the manpower or resources to arrest them all. There are now ten thousand caravan migrants at the border... and there are still thousands more on the way.

President Trump is done waiting for the GOP to find its backbone. Paul Ryan told Trump there would be no wall. Mitch McConnell told the President this week that there's no time left for Congress to secure the border this year.

President Trump doesn't care. "This would be a very good time for a shutdown," the President announced yesterday.

If Congress will not fund the wall and border security measures, the President is promising to finally shut down the government!

Don't let the GOP surrender to the Left's open border demands! Send your instant and message to Congress right now and FORCE them to fully fund the border wall, or else!

This is the last card Trump has left to play.

Republicans want to cave and surrender on immigration. The GOP's new plan is to pass another "continuing resolution." I can't stress how bad this would be. Continuing resolutions simply kick the can down the road and continue funding the government at current levels.

So, when Paul Ryan passed legislation last spring outlawing new border wall construction, that ban would continue for the entire 2019 fiscal year if Congress passes a continuing resolution.

This is exactly what the GOP establishment and Democrats want. If Congress can outlaw border wall construction for another year, then Nancy Pelosi and the Dems would get the chance to block it for the rest of Trump's Presidency...

This is the last time the Republican Party will have the power of the purse for at least two years and they want to surrender it to the Left a month early...

So, President Trump is issuing the most powerful threat he has: If Congress will not fully fund the border wall, Trump will issue a budge bill veto and cause full government shutdown.

The President knows he doesn't have much to lose. Republicans have already lost the House for the next two years. Only a fool would surrender to the Left's open border demands.

How is the GOP responding? They're panicking. They've never come across a President willing to do anything to secure the border. For decades, the GOP has made empty promise after empty promise to secure the border. Now they have a chance to do just that and they would rather spend their final weeks in power working on prison reform or an infrastructure bill.

When President Trump accepted the Republican nomination, he promised to teach the GOP how to win again.

Now, he needs YOUR help to force Congress to fully fund the wall before it's too late! Please, send your instant message to Congress now and demand full border wall funding in the next appropriations bill!

Republicans are pleading with the President to walk back his government shutdown threat. Sen. Richard Shelby (R-AL) -- the Chairman of the Senate Appropriations Committee -- told the President this week that border wall funding simply "isn't doable" and that he should give up trying to make it happen.

Trump responded that he was tired of hearing excuses. Congress can fund the wall and secure the border, or else he will shut down the government.

This is the final stretch. Congress must pass a government spending package by December 7th. If that bill doesn't include funding for the border wall, then the wall will likely never get built.

We have truly reached the now-or-never point and with the GOP so eager to surrender, it is more important than ever for you to fight back!

Don't let the GOP surrender to Nancy Pelosi's open border demands! Please, send your instant and message to Congress right now and FORCE them to fully fund the border wall, or else!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily