Breaking News: The #2 in the Justice Department was just caught trying to remove Trump from office!

We've been saying it for months. The Deep State's goal isn't just to stop Pres. Trump from implementing conservative policies... They want to remove him from office entirely.

Yesterday, the New York Times came out with a bombshell report: Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein once offered to "wear a wire" into a meeting with President Trump in order to get him removed from office.

His plan was to catch Trump saying something ridiculous and then use it to convince the cabinet to invoke the 25th Amendment and have him removed for being unfit to serve. The #2 in the Justice Department was just caught trying to remove the President of the United States.

Rod Rosenstein is the man who is basically running the Justice Department after Jeff Sessions recused himself. Back in 2017, Rosenstein encouraged Trump to fire James Comey. He even wrote the DOJ memo laying out the justifications for Comey's termination. When Trump took his advice, Rosenstein turned around and appointed Robert Mueller to investigate... Trump's decision to fire James Comey. The whole thing was a set-up.

This man has been trying to remove Trump from office from the very beginning. Now, we know he was willing to even wear a wire inside the oval office to try to trap Trump.

Everyone is warning Trump not to do it. If he pulls the trigger and fires Rosenstein, there's no telling the damage it would do to his Presidency. Trump agrees.

That is why he is asking Congress to do its job and remove this snake, Rod Rosenstein, from office!

Remove this traitor now! Send your instant FaxBlast and DEMAND that Congress remove Rod Rosenstein for conspiring with the Deep State against Pres. Trump!

I take everything that the New York Times says with a grain of salt. They published this story with "anonymous sources," which is always questionable.

But late yesterday, something happened. Disgraced FBI agent Andrew McCabe released a shocking statement. He didn't deny anything. All McCabe said was that he gave these memos to the Mueller team and has no idea how the New York Times got their hands on them...

McCabe all but confirmed the allegations against Rosenstein. The Deep State is turning on itself and I couldn't be happier about it.

Rosenstein is now claiming that all of this was a "joke." He thinks treason and trying to remove a duly elected President is funny. But now the New York Times is reporting a second source informed them that Rosenstein made the "joke" another time as well. 

During Trump's Missouri rally last night, he told the crowd that there is a "lingering stench" in the DOJ and FBI that must be removed. 

We've known for months that Rosenstein was trying to undermine Trump's agenda. Now we know he was going further than that and trying to have him removed from office entirely!

Impeach him now! Tell Congress right now that they MUST move forward with Articles of Impeachment against Rod Rosenstein and immediately remove him from office!

Across the board, we have seen tremendous bias in the DOJ and FBI against this President. 

The DOJ's own Inspector General proved that disgraced agent Peter Strzok had extreme biases and expressed a willingness to take action on them against the President. He took action by launching the Trump-Russia probe, even though there was never any evidence of collusion.

Now, we know that Rod Rosenstein's bias apparently runs even deeper. He is the one who recommended to Trump that James Comey should be fired and he is the one who appointed Robert Mueller to investigate Trump until he finds something -- anything -- to charge him with.

President Trump is absolutely right. There is a lingering stench in the Justice Department and it is up to Congress to clean it out!

Congress has Rod Rosenstein dead-to-rights on impeachment charges. Congressional investigators served Rosenstein with a subpoena months ago, ordering him to hand over Russia-related documents. The Deputy Attorney General openly refused to comply with the lawful subpoena. That is contemptible.

Right now, Congress could send the Sergeant at Arms to arrest Rosenstein. They have that power. You see, the Founders knew a day might come when Congress would need to stop traitors in our government. That is why they gave Congress the power to impeach Rosenstein and remove him from office entirely.

The articles of impeachment against Rod Rosenstein have been written up and formally introduced. The path forward is clear.

But now, Paul Ryan is asking Republicans to calm down and give Rosenstein more time.

We have a Deputy Attorney General trying to remove Trump from office and the Speaker of the House wants to give him more time??

Absolutely not

The fact that the GOP establishment still has faith in this man -- even after learning his plot -- should tell you all you need to know...

Remove this Deep State traitor now! Send your instant FaxBlast to Congress right now and FORCE them to impeach Rod Rosenstein!

Do not let them cover for him. Do not let Ryan or McConnell give Rosenstein more time to carry out his plan.

This ends now. The #2 in the Justice Department, the man in charge of Mueller's witch hunt, has been plotting to remove the President of the United States.

He must be impeached and only you can force Congress to do it!

Please, send your instant FaxBlast right now and DEMAND that Congress remove Rod Rosenstein for conspiring with the Deep State against the President!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily