Adam Schiff and the Far Left just got what they had been clamoring for. Rick Bright, the former head of the Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority, is claiming that he was demoted for disagreeing with the Trump administration's coronavirus response strategy. He has now filed a lawsuit to try to force the government to give him his old job back.

And here is the kicker. Here is how we know this is a complete and total fraud...

Rick Bright has hired Katz Marshall & Banks to represent him. If that name sounds familiar, it should. It is the same law firm that represented Christine Blasey Ford in her effort to smear Brett Kavanaugh.

Debra Katz, Blasey Ford's attorney, admitted that she dragged Brett Kavanaugh through the mud with unsubstantiated allegations specifically because she wanted to "put an asterisk next to" Kavanaugh's name whenever he rules on Roe v. Wade. That is an actual quote. The lawyer admitted that it was a partisan hit job.

Now, that same legal team is representing Rick Bright, claiming that President Trump violated his rights as a 'whistleblower.' Surprising no one, Adam Schiff immediately came out with a statement.

"If Trump is punishing scientists who insist our coronavirus response be based on science, not hype, he is putting more lives in danger. Congress must find out."

And just like that, the Far Left has the tools they need to launch into yet another impeachment investigation. Adam Schiff is now demanding approval to launch a new investigation into President Trump over all of this, and the Democrats are going to give it to him!

Fight back! Please, send your instant FaxBlast to Congress right now and force them to BLOCK Adam Schiff's new investigation/impeachment authorization from passing!

We are in this crisis, in part, because Congressional Democrats spent January and much of February focused on impeachment when they should have been working to protect the country from the Chinese Coronavirus.

We know that one of the first carriers of COVID-19 arrived in this country from China on the same day that Nancy Pelosi was handing out her commemorative impeachment souvenir pens.

That impeachment push was a hoax. Democrats were so interested in fighting for Ukraine that they forgot to do their job and actually protect the American people... Americans are now dead because Democrats spent months solely focused on trying to remove the President of the United States from office.

And now, they are trying to do it again! Democrats are preparing to release what they call Covid IV, the fourth stimulus bill. They claim that it will include Trillions in additional spending to cover all of their Leftist pet projects.

Now, Adam Schiff is demanding that the package include a green light for him to launch a new impeachment investigation against the President. Not months or years from now... He wants to do it immediately!

Schiff wants to put the President on trial during an election year and he plans to use this new hoax, egged on by Christine Blasey Ford's attorneys, to get it done.

Democrats have done everything they could to hamper the President's ability to respond to this crisis. They gummed up the works in Congress with their impeachment inquiry and trial. Pelosi delayed every single stimulus bill to use the plight of the American people as leverage to get the Left's pet projects funded. The 4.4 million Americans added to the unemployment rolls over the last week are almost all tied to Pelosi's decision to block additional aid from getting to small to medium businesses.

President Trump has been able to rise above all of this. He expanded ventilator production to ensure that every American who needed a ventilator got one, he has used his power to bring more PPE and medical equipment into the country and is now expanding the testing structure as well. Every time the Left accused him of being responsible for a shortage, the President moved heaven and earth to prove them wrong.

But now, this one disgruntled employee has given Schiff an opening. Democrats pushing for an investigation are literally accusing the President of killing Americans.

And they are rushing to pass the bill that will give them the power to investigate and impeach Donald Trump again!

Send your instant FaxBlast to Congress right now and force them to BLOCK Adam Schiff's new investigation/impeachment authorization from passing!

This is happening. Adam Schiff and other radical Democrats are moving forward with this.

The next time Congress votes on a stimulus package, which Pelosi and Schumer hope will be next week, they will add this new impeachment authorization into the bill.

We can still stop this. We can still prevent Adam Schiff from getting a third attempt to remove the Donald Trump from office. But that window is closing. 

If you want to stop this from passing, you need to rise up and kill it right now!

Don't let them drag the country through this again! Please, you must send your instant FaxBlast to Congress right now and force them to BLOCK Adam Schiff's new investigation/impeachment authorization from passing!

Stop them now!

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily