This is an urgent call to action! GOP traitors are trying to run out the clock to stop President Trump from getting his border wall funding!

The deadline for Congress to approve the border wall is now just six days away. President Trump made clear to both Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell that he would veto any spending bill that doesn't include full border wall funding. The GOP should be burning the midnight oil to get this done.

But they're not. Both Ryan and McConnell adjourned their chambers for the weekend. The Senate is giving Senators the weekend off and Paul Ryan decided to give Congressmen FIVE days off. The House will reconvene on Wednesday and have less than 48 hours to approve the border wall before a government shutdown hits.

This is by design. Already, you are starting to hear GOPers say that there just "isn't enough time" to approve the border wall.

Congressman Jeff Denham (R-CA) is one of the Republicans who lost re-election in November. He has long supported the border wall project. But even he is saying it is time to give up. Denham wants Paul Ryan to pass a short-term continuing resolution to take us into January that includes NO border wall funding.

"Allow the next Congress to come in, get seated, committee chairs to get filled, and then actually have a full debate on a bipartisan solution," Denham said yesterday.

The Republicans have the votes to pass a border wall bill in the House, but Republicans are asking Paul Ryan to kick the can down the road and force Trump to negotiate with Democrats instead!

That is exactly what Paul Ryan is doing. He gave the House five days off specifically to run out the clock!


Nancy Pelosi said yesterday that she would never allow a border wall bill to reach the President's desk. Never.

And yet, the House GOP is telling Trump he'll have better luck working with her over border wall spending. Absolutely despicable.

For two years, the GOP leadership has constantly kicked the can down the road and promised to fund the border wall "next time." Well, now we're up against a wall. This is the last chance for Congress to approve the border wall and once again, Paul Ryan is trying to put it off.

Except this time, it's different. If the GOP can delay it one more time, the Democrats get the power to block the border wall permanently!

This is it... It's now or never.

Don't let the GOP run out the clock! Send your instant message to Congress now and FORCE them to pass the border wall funding bill before it's too late!

We know exactly what the Republicans are going to try to do. They are going to pull a play right out of former-Speaker John Boehner's playbook and team up with the Democrats to stop the border wall from being funded.

The Republican party has campaigned on Border Security for decades and now that they have a chance to finish it, they're running for the exits.

President Trump is holding firm and refusing to bow to the pressure. But he needs YOU to hold Congress' feet to the fire and force them to pass full border wall funding before it's too late!

You need to fight back with everything you've got! Please, send your instant and message to Congress right now and FORCE them to pass the border wall funding, or else!

Don't let the GOP cave,

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily