Breaking: Pentagon officials refusing to let Trump deploy the infantry to the border to stop the caravan!

President Trump stood up on live television and announced that he would be deploying active duty military to the southern border to stop the caravan from coming into the country. He promised he would deploy "as many troops as it takes."

Over the last week, we have reported on how the GOP establishment and even members of the administration have been trying to stop this from happening. Yesterday, news broke that Secretary of Defense James Mattis was going to sign off on a troop deployment to the border. That should be good news, but like always, the devil is in the details.

The Pentagon's deployment will not be for "as many troops as it takes." Mattis will only be giving Trump 800 soldiers, but also not for  another week or two.

And those troops will not actually be at the border and they won't be allowed to engage any of the invading migrants. They won't even be infantry. The Pentagon is sending engineers, lawyers, and doctors to help Border Patrol with "logistical support." The soldiers will help Border Patrol set up the checkpoints, repair broken down vehicles, deliver water and equipment to Border Patrol units out in the middle of nowhere, but then back off once the caravan arrives. The Pentagon isn't even giving the soldiers lethal weapons to defend themselves.

Deploying the military and shutting down the border is the one power that President Trump has to stop this invasion and he just had the rug pulled out from under him.

Shut it down! Tell Congress they MUST vote to close the border now before it's too late, or else they will be voted out of office!

The caravan has to be celebrating. President Trump threatened to use the US military to stop them, and the Pentagon just said 'no.' Their numbers have already grown to more than fourteen thousand people and the caravan is expected to grow to the tens of thousands by the time they reach the border. When they get there, they will go up against the regular border patrol agents and just 800 soldiers who are providing purely logistical support.

In other words, nothing is going to change. If these invaders step even one toe onto US soil, these migrants must be given a court hearing. With an immigration court backlog already of over 73 thousands cases, it will take months, if not years, to process the whole caravan. In the meantime, they will all be released into the United States.

On Monday, the first caravan member passed away. Not from exhaustion, as the media would want you to believe. He died because he fell off a truck traveling on the highway. He was loaded onto the back of a truck and slipped off. The caravan isn't walking here anymore. Now, they're driving... 

President Trump has to be furious. George W Bush deployed more than six thousand troops to the border in 2006. Obama sent 1,200 from the National Guard in 2010. Facing down the largest caravan ever to march on the southern border, the Pentagon is giving Trump 800 troops and blocking the soldiers from actually keeping the migrants out.

The President is now turning to Congress, begging them call an emergency session and stop the caravan from getting into the country. Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell had a simple response: "No."

The GOP leadership struck a deal with Democrats not to force the immigration issue before the election. Instead, they will trade amnesty for partial border patrol funding after the midterms; after the caravan arrives.

The courts refuse to let President Trump arrest these migrants. His own administration is undermining him by limiting what soldiers are allowed to do at the border. And now, the Republicans in Congress are openly refusing to take any action whatsoever to help the President secure the border.

He needs your help!

Stop the caravan in its tracks! Send your instant letter to Congress right now and FORCE them to close the border and stop the caravan from entering the country.

These aren't refugees and this isn't a humanitarian crisis. This is a political march. This is an invasion.

If Honduras truly was as dangerous as the caravan claims, then they would have settled in Guatemala or Mexico. But these people aren't fleeing Honduras. They're celebrating their home country. They are waving Honduran flags, singing their national anthems, and screaming anti-Trump chants.

They want nothing more than to take their Honduran flags and plant them on American soil. They must be stopped.

Trump ordered the State Department to immediately cut Central American foreign aid and the Obama holdovers told him, 'no.'

Trump ordered the Pentagon to deploy the military to close the borders and they responded by deploying 800 unarmed engineers, lawyers, and doctors.

And now Congress wants to sit on its hands and just let the caravan in?

Absolutely not!

Fight back now before it's too late! Tell Congress there will be hell to pay if they don't vote to fully secure the border NOW!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily