This is an urgent alert! The Pentagon is disarming the border troops as we speak and refusing to let them engage the invading caravan!

Yesterday, the Trump administration issued a memo authorizing troops at the border to use lethal force if necessary to defend the country and border patrol agents against the migrant caravan.

This order came after the caravan announced that they would stampede the border crossing and force their way into our country.

At President Trump's command, deployed military units just had their hands untied. The order allows the military to exercise "a show or use of force (including lethal force, where necessary), crowd control, temporary detention and cursory search."

This is a major change. Previously, the military forces at the border were only allowed to help Border Patrol harden checkpoints. Now, they are in the fight.

But as soon as President Trump issued this order, the Pentagon took steps to undermine his authority. President Trump may have authorized the use of lethal force, but the Pentagon is now disarming all of the troops. Trump's order means nothing because the troops are being disarmed!

The Pentagon is disarming Trump's border troops! Quick, send your instant and letter to Congress right now and FORCE them to hold an emergency vote to secure the border! 

"They won't have guns in their hands, there is no armed element going in," Secretary of Defense James Mattis told reporters yesterday.

The only things our soldiers will have are batons and non-lethal weapons (like stun guns and mace).

The caravan is talking about stampeding the border. Upwards of 14 thousand people would rush the border patrol checkpoint to break into the country. The caravan tried to do this earlier in the week, but the Border Patrol got advanced warning and were able to harden the San Ysidro checkpoint in time. Now, the caravan is gearing up to try again.

You see, an Obama judge ruled this week that it doesn't matter how the caravan gets into the United States. Trump had signed an executive order requiring that all asylum applicants first enter the country legally. Judge John Tigar's ruling means they can break all of the laws they want and the Trump administration still has to accept their "asylum" applications. 

Now that this Obama judge has weighed in, there no reason for the caravan to have to wait in line. They can rush the border, break countless laws, literally invade the country, and Trump has to give them full asylum rights.

Trump responded to this ruling by expanding the rules of engagement for the troops stationed at the border to let them push back this planned invasion. But now, the Pentagon is pulling the plug. Not only have they announced that the troops will begin pulling out this week, but now Mattis himself has removed all deadly weapons from the deployment.

President Trump is out of options. He is getting push back from the Judiciary and now even his own Executive Branch. He needs your help to keep the caravan out and secure the border!

Don't let the caravan in! Please, end your instant and letter to Congress right now and FORCE them to hold an emergency vote to secure the border! 

The main caravan has almost completely arrived at the border. There are two more copycat caravans making their way through Mexico. And just today, the Mexican government announced that a FOURTH caravan snuck into Mexico last night en route to join the invasion at the US border.

There are now more than 10,000 illegal migrants gathered at the US-Mexico border waiting to get the word to rush the gates. And right as we need them most, the Deep Staters in the Pentagon are pulling the plug on Trump's deployment.

All of the deadly weapons have been taken away from the troops. When these ten thousand troops rush the checkpoint, they'll have nothing but batons to defend themselves.

This is absolutely shameful. These men and women are away from their families on Thanksgiving to keep this country and her people safe. And now the Pentagon is defying Trump's orders and taking away the troops' ability to defend themselves.

The only reason we are in this situation is because Congress refuses to fund these border security projects. Trump had to use the military to cover the border fence with barbed wire because Congress refuses to fund the border wall. He had to deploy troops to harden the checkpoints because Congress refuses to increase the Border Patrol's funding.

The caravan is at the gates and the powers-that-be are literally stopping Trump from fending them off.

The President desperately needs your help. He has notified Congress that he will veto any spending package that doesn't fully fund Border Patrol and the border wall, thus triggering a government shutdown. And the deadline for Congress to pass a new spending bill is now just 15 days away!

We are up against the clock. The time to fight is now!

Trump is out of options and needs your help! Quick, send your and instant letter to Congress right now and FORCE them to hold an emergency vote to fund the wall and fully secure the border before it's too late!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily