Democrats are moving forward with their bill to restore all of the Planned Parenthood funding that Trump cut...

When Pres. Trump took office, he promised to pull the plug on Federal funding for abortion clinics. After almost two years of deliberation, the administration unveiled its Protect Life rule earlier this year.

Quite simply, the new regulation makes it illegal for Federal Title X 'Family Planning' funding to go to any clinic that refers or performs abortion procedures. It is already illegal for the Federal government to pay for elective abortions. Trump's new executive action expands that to make it illegally for the Federal government to pay abortion clinics at all.

It is common sense.

Planned Parenthood immediately sued to block the regulation, arguing that if it went into effect, abortion clinics around the country would be forced to close down. They actually admitted that many of their clinics relied on your taxd ollars to stay in business...

But the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals upheld the regulation and allowed it to go into effect. So, at the start of this month, Planned Parenthood officially lost access to Federal funding for the first time ever: a whopping 33 million. Instead of going to these abortion clinics, that money will now go to pro-life clinics that care for women without killing the unborn.

We have been fighting for this for a long time. But the celebration may be short lived. Planned Parenthood has been lobbying Congress hard and Nancy Pelosi is now preparing to bring a bill to the floor to restore all of the funding that Trump cut!

Here is how the Left is planning to restore Planned Parenthood's funding. Every year, Congress must pass the Health and Human Services Appropriations Act. This is considered a must-pass bill. If Congress does not pass it by mid-November, then HHS shuts down. That means Medicare would also shut down as well. That would be catastrophic, so Congress always makes sure to pass this funding bill before the deadline.

But this year, Democrats are playing dirty. They slipped in a one-sentence amendment that, if passed, would put an end to Trump's Protect Life executive order and restore all of Planned Parenthood's funding.

"The Secretary shall carry out section 1001 of the PHS Act solely in accordance with any regulations or other conditions or instructions established by the Secretary pursuant to the authority under section 1006 of the PHS Act that applied as of January 18, 2017, to grants and contracts awarded under section 1001 of the PHS Act..."

What does this mean? If it passes, then the Trump administration would be forced to disburse Title X family planning funds according to the regulations that were in place on January 18, 2017. Why is that date significant? It is two days before Donald Trump was sworn in as the 45th President.

This one sentence literally would force Donald Trump to revert to the Obama administration's abortion regulations. It would be like Obama never even left...

We have confirmed that it is in the bill. Planned Parenthood has spent millions pressuring Congress to give them their funding back, and now Nancy Pelosi is bringing the bill to a vote!

Stop the Pelosi and Left from restoring Planned Parenthood's funding! Send your instant FaxBlast to Congress right now and FORCE them to kill this horrible anti-life poison pill amendment in the HHS spending bill!

Like everything that the Left has put forward, this is yet another attempt to undo the 2016 election. This one sentence would undo almost three years of Trump's pro-life policies and reimpose Barack Obama's abortion regulations on the country.

It would restore tens of millions of YOUR taxd ollars to Planned Parenthood and other abortion clinics, saving them from having to close their doors.

And yes, this funding would facilitate abortion procedures. More innocent pre-born babies will die if this bill passes as-is.

With all eyes on the impeachment sideshow, no one in the media is covering this. And that is precisely what the Left and their GOP allies are counting on... They want to hide what they are doing until it is too late for you to stop them.

We finally have a President who is willing to pull the plug on Planned Parenthood's abortion business. Trump has now redirected 33 million to pro-life clinics instead. But now, the Left and the GOP establishment want to give it all back...

With all eyes on the impeachment sideshow, no one in the media is covering this. And that is precisely what the Left and their GOP allies are counting on... They want to hide what they are doing until it is too late for you to stop them.

Now that you know what is happening, you MUST fight back before it is too late!

Fight for the unborn,

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily