For the last month, we have covered how Democrats have used the Chinese Coronavirus as an excuse to force through their radical agenda items. 

However, the Left has not been able to get their #1 demand yet. Democrats want to force the GOP to open the stimulus programs up to illegal aliens. They claim that 'this is only fair because illegal aliens pay taxes too.' Their bill -- the Leave No Taxpayer Behind Act -- is a play on that talking point. 

Here is the truth. By the Left's own admission, 11 million illegal aliens end up paying around 11 billion per year in state and federal taxes. That comes out to around a thousand in taxes paid by each illegal alien. The Democrats's plan would send them all checks in the mail for twelve-hundred. Their stimulus checks would be larger than the taxes they pay... The whole thing is sham.

But the Left is hopeful that they are getting close. As we reported, the small business stimulus loan program ran out of funding on Thursday morning. No less than 20k small businesses were notified that even though they applied for the stimulus, they would no longer be getting it.

Pelosi and Schumer deliberately blocked a bill to expand that loan program because they wanted leverage. They wanted to force American businesses and employees to suffer so they could force the GOP to the negotiating table... and it worked.

Both sides are now reporting that they are close to a "compromise" and bailout funding for illegal aliens is still on the table!

They say that the vote on this illegal alien bailout may come as early as TOMORROW!

We're running out of time! Send your instant FaxBlast to Congress before it's too late and KILL this Democrat plan to give stimulus funding to illegal aliens!

Democrats may be traitors, but they aren't stupid. They know how to play the political games.

They have now demanded that the GOP accept TWO of their amendments. Each would guarantee that illegal aliens receive bailout funding.

The first, as I mentioned, is the Leave No Taxpayer Behind Act. Right now, you need a social security number to receive a stimulus check. Illegal aliens, by virtue of their lawlessness, do not have social security numbers. The ones who do work illegally in the US tend to use stolen identities or what are known as Individual Taxpayer Identification Numbers (ITIN). Illegal aliens are still technically required to pay taxes on their income, and ITINs are how many of them do it.

No surprise, the Leave No Taxpayer Behind Act would extend stimulus checks to illegal aliens with ITINs.

That is the Left's main goal. But as more and more people figure out what that bill is all about, Democrats realized they had to come up with a Plan B. And that is where Nancy Pelosi comes in.

As we reported last week, Pelosi is now demanding any small business bill be coupled with 250 billion in unrestricted funding for cities and states. What that means is once the funding hits their accounts, cities and states are allowed to do whatever they want with it...

Los Angeles, Chicago, and New York have all announced that they are opening up their government assistance programs to illegal aliens. In Washington DC, the city's tourism arm decided to use their 15 million budget to help "undocumented" workers instead. California is now stepping in to make sure that illegals living in major cities like Sacramento, Riverside, San Jose, San Francisco, and San Diego are covered as well.

Those nine cities alone account for more than a third of all illegal aliens living in this country.

When you hear Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer talk about giving cities and states "unrestricted" funding, that is what they are talking about. Giving these cities and states no-strings-attached funding will guarantee that it is used to give "assistance" to illegal aliens...

Time's up! Send your instant FaxBlast to Congress before it's too late and KILL this Democrat plan to give stimulus funding to illegal aliens!

Democrats are pushing forward with both strategies. They are demanding a Federal bailout for illegal aliens, but are willing to settle for a localized approach by giving cities and states unrestricted funding.

But make no mistake, both strategies have the same goal: to give as much stimulus funding to illegal aliens as possible.

And to accomplish this, Pelosi and the Democrats are holding American businesses hostage. Tens of thousands of small-to-medium businesses have now been thrust to the brink of bankruptcy because Democrats blocked the extra loan funding. The Left is threatening to drive these companies out of business, and hundreds of thousands of Americans onto the unemployment rolls, unless the GOP agrees to their illegal alien bailout demands.

And right now, we are hearing from Pelosi's office that the Left is close to getting what they want...

You CANNOT let the GOP cave like this! You CANNOT let Republicans surrender and offer up stimulus funds to illegal aliens!

It all comes down to this. Both sides are now confident they will reach a "compromise" by tomorrow.

If you want to stop this illegal alien bailout, it has to be right now!

This is a Red Alert! Quick, send your instant FaxBlast to Congress before it's too late and KILL this Democrat plan to give stimulus funding to illegal aliens!

Don't let them get away with this,

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily