Nancy Pelosi has now issued her final demand to Donald Trump. She will not allow coronavirus relief talks to continue unless the GOP agrees to give the Democrats 2 trillion in funding.

Not only is she blocking the bill, but she is refusing to even sit down with the GOP unless they agree to give the Left what they want...

I want to put in perspective just how big of a demand that is. It took just shy of 210 years (1776-1986) for the United States to accrue its first 2 trillion in debt. Obviously that is not adjusted for inflation. But it took 210 years for the United States to find a way to spend 2 trillion that we didn't have.

Pelosi and Schumer demanded 3 trillion in new spending last week. Trump told them to pound sand and signed executive orders to provide relief for the American people on his own. All week, Democrats have demanded that the GOP "meet them in the middle." But as we see, that was a complete lie. Cutting their demand by a third is not "meeting in the middle."

But Pelosi has said that no relief bill will pass unless the GOP agrees to their 2 trillion number...

Instead of walking away, Republican negotiators responded by re-joining the negotiations.

The GOP is going to cave.

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Here's how Pelosi will spend the 2 trillion.

Half of that (1 trillion) would go to cities and states in the form of "unrestricted" government assistance. Instead of requiring that cities and states use Pelosi's funding for coronavirus relief, mayors and governors would be able to use it for whatever they want.

States like New York and Illinois would be allowed to re-fund their public pension programs (which have left them teetering on the brink of bankruptcy for years). California would be allowed to use their grant to refund the 125 million they are spending to bail out illegal aliens. New York City would be allowed to use the funding to continue hiring lawyers to help illegals fight deportation orders. Washington DC would be allowed to use the funding to paint more "Black Lives Matter" murals on public streets.

That is why "unrestricted" aid funding is so dangerous. It can literally be used for anything. Leftist-run cities and states have been racing towards bankruptcy for decades. The pandemic didn't ruin their budgets. It exposed how idiotic their tax-and-spend agendas have been... Half of Pelosi's 2 trillion demand would go to leftist mayors and governors...

Pelosi's "plan" also involves redefining millions of "illegal aliens" as essential workers, granting them amnesty and protection from deportation for as long as a pandemic emergency order is in effect. If Biden were to win, amnesty would become the law of the land as long as a Democrat controlled the White House.

3.6 billion would go towards implementing universal mail-in-voting. 25 billion would go to bailing out the Post Office, not for anything the pandemic caused, but to rectify decades of mismanagement (and to make universal mail-in-voting possible).

50 million would go towards studying "climate injustice," which apparently is the notion that the weather is racist. There is a 137 billion tax cut for wealthy homeowners living in states like California and New York. 191 billion of it would go to forgiving student loan debt and bailing out colleges and universities. Tens of millions would go to political lobbying organizations by opening up stimulus programs to allow lobbyists to apply for relief as if they were charities...

The list goes on and on. But the point is that when you start adding up the items on Pelosi's list of demands, very little of that 2 trillion would actually make it to American families and businesses. The only reason this is a "coronavirus bill" is because the Left is refusing to give Americans relief unless the GOP agrees to fund their other demands...

They are holding Americans' lives and livelihoods hostage unless Republicans agree to give them an extra trillion in unrelated spending.

And the Republicans are agreeing to their terms...

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President Trump signed his executive orders for two reasons: to provide the relief to Americans that Nancy and Chuck had so disgustingly blocked, but also to ensure that the Democrats cannot use Americans' pain and suffering as leverage to force their agenda through.

The GOP apparently didn't get that memo. Because as soon as the executive orders were signed, establishment Republicans went back to the negotiating table. Instead of working with the President, Republicans are itching for a surrender.

Instead of standing their ground, they are caving under the pressure. They believe that giving Nancy Pelosi and the Left an extra trillion in spending to allow them to, among other things, steal the election is a "reasonable compromise."

It is up to you to stop them. It is up to you to put the fear of the American electorate back into these cowards and force them to stand down.

And the only way you can do that is by raising your voice right now!

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Joe Otto

Conservative Daily