We spent all day yesterday watching the Brett Kavanaugh hearing. Like so many people, I choked up watching Brett Kavanaugh give his opening statement, especially when he told the story of his 10 year old daughter asking to pray for his accuser.

But while all of this was going on, Paul Ryan was doing something sinister. He was pushing through a massive 854 billion spending package that outlaws a border wall from being built next year. The Republicans didn't have the votes on their own to push it through. The Freedom Caucus refused to back such a pathetic establishment bill.

Ryan had to team up with the Democrats to pass this surrender budget. And he got all but three Democrat votes. Nancy Pelosi celebrated when the vote went through.

Why? The spending package that Paul Ryan just pushed through the House literally prohibits Trump from constructing a border wall for the next 12 months. If the President signs it, all construction projects, including the one in Texas that just started, would run out of funds.

President Trump demanded the funding and Paul Ryan told him to take a hike.

Instead, Ryan and the GOP are demanding an even trade: full amnesty for all of Obama's illegal aliens in exchange for temporary funding to construct only part of the border wall.

I have never seen Republicans cave like this. Across the board, Ryan stripped Conservative amendments from the spending package and joined Democrats to vote them down.

We have been fighting for months to force Conservatives to hold their ground and fulfill their promises. In one evening, Paul Ryan and the GOP undid almost all of it.

They must be stopped!

Kill this Ryan-McConnell amnesty plan now! Tell Congress right now that any Congressman or Senator who refuses to fund the border wall will be removed from office!

Just this week, news broke that Police arrested one of Obama's "dreamers" for murdering a 16 year old girl named Madison Wells in New Jersey.

Bryan Cordero-Castro entered the United States during the Obama years. He illegally crossed the border as an "unaccompanied minor." Under the Obama administration's rules, he wasn't arrested. Instead, he was placed in a family member or friend's home.

Now, an innocent young girl is dead. Madison Wells has been permanently separated from her family. Under the establishment's new amnesty plan, Mr. Codero-Castro would have been on a fast-track for citizenship if he hadn't been caught.

Not only does Paul Ryan's surrender spending bill block Trump from building the border wall to put an end to this kind of illegal immigration, but it withholds the funding necessary for the Trump administration to actually detain these illegal aliens.

Trump asked for billions to hire more ICE and Border Patrol agents, build new detention facilities to house captured illegals, and construct the border wall to stop the flow into the country. Ryan gave him NONE of it.

The Republican establishment lured Trump into a trap. In order for him to get the funding for the military and for FEMA's hurricane relief, Trump will have to accept zero funding for the border wall. The President is now reviewing the bill. But he is an impossible position. How can he possibly deny North and South Carolinians disaster relief after Hurricane Florence? How could he possibly deny soldiers and their families their military paychecks?

The GOP did all of this while we were paying attention to the Senate Judiciary Committee's hearing yesterday. They had to wait until we weren't paying attention in order to push this through. The GOP teamed up with practically all the Democrats to pass this surrender bill. Republicans didn't have the votes on their own...

In order to secure the border, Republicans like Paul Ryan and Jeff Flake are now demanding that Trump agree to grant amnesty and a pathway to citizenship to millions of illegal aliens. Then, and only then, will they give him temporary funding for a fraction of the border wall.

Temporary because any future Congress would be able to claw it back (like the Democrats did in 2006) and the limited funding they are proposing would still leave hundreds of miles of the border wide open. They won't even consider approving all of the funding...

The GOP thinks they've won. They think they have succeeded in forcing the President to accept the establishment's amnesty agenda.

It is up to us to prove them wrong!

Kill this Ryan-McConnell amnesty plan now! Tell Congress right now that any Congressman or Senator who refuses to fund the border wall will be removed from office!

We will sometimes refer to Establishment Republicans and Democrats as the uniparty. President Trump demanded border wall funding and 211 Republicans and 187 Democrats voted to reject the President's request. This was the uniparty in action.

Paul Ryan is now declaring that President Trump will not get a cent of border wall funding until he grants all of Obama's illegal aliens permanent amnesty.

This is Ryan's swan song. When he announced his retirement back in April, he promised Democrats that he would not retire until amnesty passed. This is him fulfilling that promise.

You must rise up! You must fight back and STOP these spineless Republicans from surrendering on immigration!

Please, help kill this Ryan-McConnell amnesty plan before it's too late! Tell Congress right now that any Congressman or Senator who refuses to fund the border wall will be removed from office!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily