Breaking: President Trump has just cut off 280 million of Planned Parenthood's funding and now Pelosi and the Democrats are trying to give it all back!

Elections really do have consequences. As of last week, President Trump has now appointed seven judges to the liberal 9th Circuit Court. The most recent appointed judge was Daniel Bress, a 40 year old Conservative lawyer who will serve on the Court for decades to come.

Those appointments are already paying off. Late last week, the full 9th Circuit Court announced that Donald Trump's new "Protect Life" executive order would be allowed to go into effect. Planned Parenthood had tried (and failed) to get the court to strike down the new regulation. Instead, the full en banc hearing ruled that the regulation can go into effect.

Under Trump's directive, the Department of Health and Human Services will no longer be allowed to disburse Title X family planning funds to any organization that performs or refers for abortions. For decades, Congress has continuously renewed the Hyde Amendment to outlaw Federal funding for abortions. But abortion providers like Planned Parenthood have used accounting tricks to skirt the law and still collect Federal funding, even though they are the largest abortion provider on earth.

Trump's regulation cuts almost 280 million from Planned Parenthood and its connected abortion clinics and redirects it to women's health clinics that do not perform or refer for abortions. If Planned Parenthood wants to continue receiving Federal funds, then they would need to abandon their abortion business.

Thanks to the 9th Circuit's ruling, the funding cuts go into effect immediately. Starting today, Planned Parenthood will no longer have access to this funding. This is a major victory. We here at Conservative Daily have been fighting for this for almost ten years. President Trump promised to do this on the campaign trail and followed through with it.

But we aren't out of the woods yet. Congressional Democrats have just approved an amendment to the annual spending package that would roll back Pres. Trump's cuts, restore all of Planned Parenthood's funding, and give them an additional 114 million as an apology. And the Left is trying to convince Cowardly Republicans to help them pass it into law!

Don't let the Left restore Planned Parenthood's funding! Send your instant FaxBlast to Congress right now and FORCE them to support Trump's "Protect Life" executive order and stop the Left from rolling it back!

Congress must pass a Health and Human Services Appropriations Act by the end of the summer. With the exception of the VA, this one bill governs the rest of the Federal government's healthcare spending.

The Democrats have slipped an amendment into the House's version of the minibus spending bill that would block Trump from cutting Planned Parenthood's funding. The provision (found on page 49-50 of the bill) reads,

"the Secretary shall carry out section 1001 of the PHS Act solely in accordance with any regulations or other conditions or instructions established by the Secretary pursuant to the authority under section 1006 of the PHS Act that applied as of January 18, 2017, to grants and contracts awarded under section 1001 of the PHS Act..." (emphasis added)

I know that reading this technical language isn't exciting. I almost fell asleep just writing that last sentence out. But the part that is in bold is really important.

This one sentence would undo every pro-life victory that Trump has had since he took the oath of office. For over two years, President Trump has ordered the Department of Health and Human Services to use its power to make sure that Federal funding does not go to abortion providers. But this single sentence, if passed into law, would force Secretary Azar to disburse funding to Planned Parenthood the way that the Obama administration did, according to the standards and regulations that were in place two days before Trump's inauguration. This is despicable.

Democrats wrote this amendment to make sure that it doesn't attract too much attention. It doesn't mention Trump or the new funding cuts. It simply orders HHS to disburse the family planning funding according to the regulations that were in place at the end of the Obama administration. If this passes, it would be like Obama was President again...

But the Left didn't stop there. They also included a provision to increase this funding program from 286 million to 400 million. They're not just trying to restore Planned Parenthood's funding. They also want to increase it by almost 40 percent!

This is just one paragraph in a bill that is currently sitting at 650 pages long. Planned Parenthood is already spending millions on lobbyists to make sure that this provision becomes law.

It is up to you to make sure that Congress kills this provision!

Stop the Radical Dems from restoring Planned Parenthood's funding! Send your urgent FaxBlast to Congress right now and FORCE them to save Pres. Trump's "Protect Life" executive order and stop the Left from rolling it back!

Planned Parenthood has already admitted that without this Federal funding, they will have to close their doors. President Trump has fulfilled his promise. He cut hundreds of millions of Planned Parenthood's funding. But now, the Left is advancing a spending bill that gives it all back, and some...

This is a call to action.

If you care about stopping Planned Parenthood from performing over 300 thousand abortions next year, then you must join this fight right now!

If you believe that US tax payers shouldn't be funding the world's largest abortion provider (and one of the top Democrat political donors as well), then you need to take action right now!

And if you want to stop the Left from dragging us back into the Obama years, then this is the time for you to rise up!

The Left is mobilizing everything and everyone to get this one sentence passed into law. We can stop them, but only if we fight back right now!

Don't let the Left sneak this provision through! Send your urgent FaxBlast to Congress right now and FORCE them to support President Trump's "Protect Life" executive order and stop the Left from rolling it back!


Max McGuire

Advocacy Director

Conservative Daily