Fellow Conservative,

The House Select Committee on Intelligence has just announced that the investigation into the Obama administration's crimes will officially move forward. This is a huge first step in holding not only the former-President, but his aides, cabinet members, and allies accountable for the crimes they committed.

What is truly amazing is that the more the Left tries to go after Pres. Trump for his non-existent "collusion" with Russia, the more evidence is uncovered showing that it was the Obama administration that literally broke the law.

Right now, the House Intel Committee is sending out even more subpoenas to get to the bottom of the Obama administration's efforts to spy on the Trump campaign without a warrant.

Everything we have been pushing for has brought us to this point in history. After months of the GOP establishment trying to protect the former administration, the investigation is now launching.

Don't let the RINOs block it from moving forward!

Don't let up! Keep holding Congress' feet to the fire and demand that these Obama administration criminals be prosecuted!

In the last month, we learned some really startling things. Take Samantha Power as an example. She was Obama's Ambassador to the United Nations. Her job was literally to represent the United States at the UN.

Instead of doing her job, we now know that she put in hundreds of "unmasking" requests in her last year in office. For an ambassador, this is unprecedented. Many of these requests were targeting the Trump campaign and transition team. After Pres. Trump won the election, he began sitting down with multiple world leaders to prepare for his administration. Based on testimony delivered before Congress, we know that the Obama administration was spying on Trump because they simply wanted to know what he was saying to world leaders. The data also shows that Power even abused her authority to spy on Donald Trump all the way up until he was inaugurated and she only stopped when she was literally kicked out of the system.

But she wasn't doing this alone. Susan Rice also played an influential role in spying on the Trump team. While she initially denied ever spying on Donald Trump without a warrant, she has since changed her story and admitted that is exactly what she did. In late 2016, the Trump transition team hosted a meeting with the Crown Prince of the United Arab Emirates. We know for a FACT that Susan Rice spied on this meeting and "unmasked" the Trump aides who participated.

This is a huge abuse of power. Under the Constitution, the Federal government needs a warrant in order to spy on an American. While the same is not required for spying on foreigners, if an American is caught up in that surveillance, the law and constitution requires that the American's identity be masked. The Obama White House tried to get a warrant to spy on Donald Trump himself, but they were denied. This was just one of a handful of denials that the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court has ever issued.

Unable to legally spy on Trump, the Obama administration found a loophole and started listening in every time Trump or one of his aides spoke or met with a foreigner. That way, they could legally listen in without needing a warrant. Then, aides like Susan Rice and Samantha Power submitted requests to unmask the Trump aides, all without any warrants.

Obama broke the law and because of your persistence, the House Intelligence Committee is now launching a full investigation. But we haven't won yet. The establishments of both parties will not stop trying to block this committee's work. Even as you read this, they are trying to stop these Conservative committee members from moving forward with this.

It is up to YOU to force them to drop the hammer on these Obama criminals, including even Obama himself!

Don't let Obama's crimes go unpunished! Send your FaxBlast - delivered instantly to every Congressional office - demanding full prosecution!

We need to go after all of the Obama administration's criminals. That includes James Comey, Loretta Lynch, Susan Rice, Samantha Power, Hillary Clinton, and yes, even Barack Obama himself.

At this point, the question really is what did Barack Obama know and when did he know it? Just before leaving office, Pres. Obama signed an executive order allowing all of the spying they did on the Trump campaign to be shared easily across the government.

Are we really supposed to believe that two of his cabinet-level officials spent the better part of a year literally spying on the White House's biggest political adversary without Pres. Obama knowing about it?

Either Barack Obama was the most incompetent President in history - which is certainly possible - or he led the most criminal abuse of executive power in American history. Both deserve a full investigation!

We are talking serious prison time for the lot of them. Not only did they seem to conspire to save Hillary Clinton from prosecution, but they weaponized the intelligence establishment against their political adversary.

The pressure is working. More Congressmen are now demanding an investigation. The members of the House Intel Committee are doing what they can to move forward, but they need your help finishing this!

  We're so close! Please, join the fight and send your instantly delivered message to Congress and demand they charge these Obama criminals and refer them directly for prosecution!

So close,

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily

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