The Deep State was just caught destroying documents to protect Peter Strzok from being prosecuted!

As you know, Attorney General William Barr is trying to investigate the Obama-era traitors who weaponized the FBI to try to undo the 2016 election. A memo released this week confirms that in addition to investigating the origins of the Russia witch hunt, prosecutors will also be looking into the FBI and DOJ's handling of the Clinton email investigation.

This makes sense. Peter Strzok (shown above) was the FBI agent in charge of handling the Clinton investigation. He's also the one who launched the Russia probe as an "insurance policy" in case Donald Trump won the Presidency, promising to "stop" Trump.

The evidence against Strzok is piled high. But the Deep State is circling the wagons to protect one of their own.

The DOJ's Office of Inspector General just announced that it had caught an Obama-era FBI Deputy Assistant Director -- believed to be Peter Strzok -- leaking information to the media in exchange for lavish gifts. But even though the Inspector General had proof that Strzok broke the law, the memo concludes by saying that the DOJ 'declined to prosecute' him. They're letting him off the hook.

Last year's Inspector General report also proved that Peter Strzok was biased against Trump and that this bias likely influences his actions on both the Clinton investigation and launching the Russia probe. Except yet again, the prosecutors in the DOJ "declined to prosecute."

The good news is that this is just one of the investigations into Strzok's crimes. There is still a massive criminal probe into how Strzok deliberately let Hillary Clinton off the hook.

Except here is the problem: the FBI just announced that key evidence was coincidentally destroyed. The notes proving that the Clinton investigation was mishandled have been irreparably damaged.

They're trying to cover it all up!

Lock this traitor up! Please, send your instant FaxBlast to Congress right now and FORCE them to prosecute Peter Strzok and his partners before it's too late!

According to Congressional sources, the destroyed notes detailed a meeting where the Inspector General's Office warned Peter Strzok that at least 30,000 emails on Clinton's server had been stolen by a foreign government. Reports indicate that the hack was traced to a Chinese government-owned company.

This is important because of the crime that Clinton was being investigated for breaking. The Espionage Act includes a lot of tough provisions for people who mishandle classified information. James Comey infamously said that Hillary Clinton couldn't be prosecuted violating 18 USC §793f because he couldn't prove her intent.

But here is the thing: if there is proof that classified information was lost or stolen by our enemies, then intent doesn't actually matter according to the law.

There is another clause in the law (18 USC §793d) that makes it a crime for someone like Clinton to "cause [classified information] to be communicated, delivered, or transmitted" to "the advantage of any foreign nation." The next section also states it is also a crime for a government employee to know that Classified information was compromised and not report it.

The Clintons knew they were hacked. Their IT aide Justin Cooper sent them an email in 2011 saying that he "had to shut down the server. Someone was trying to hack us." They didn't report the hack to the US government as required by law. Instead, they deleted 30,000 emails and refused to hand them over to the FBI.

We know that the Inspector General warned Strzok that Clinton was hacked. Republicans asked Strzok about this during a hearing last year and he didn't recall the meeting. Now, just as the walls start closing in around him, the evidence of this was just suddenly destroyed.

  • We know that the Clintons deliberately set up this private server and willingly stored classified information on it.

  • We know that the Inspector General warned Peter Strzok that Hillary Clinton's emails were hacked. We know that the hack was traced to a foreign government.

  • We also know that James Comey's original draft statement said that it was "reasonably likely" that foreign governments had accessed Clinton's server, but that Peter Strzok edited the draft to simply say that the hacking was "possible" in order to protect Clinton from prosecution.

  • And now we know that a key piece of evidence proving this cover-up has been destroyed!

Lock this traitor up! Send your instant FaxBlast to Congress and DEMAND that they immediately investigate and prosecute Peter Strzok and the rest of these Deep State criminals!

Enough is enough. The DOJ cannot be trusted to investigate and prosecute itself. We have already seen them decline to prosecute Strzok -- the mastermind of the Russia probe -- for illegally leaking to the media. The DOJ announced last year that they had proof that Peter Strzok was hopelessly biased against Trump, but declined to prosecute him for it. The Deep State will never allow Strzok or any of the other traitors to be prosecuted.

Here is the good news: We don't need to leave it up to the DOJ or the FBI. Peter Strzok broke a law that Congress, on its own, can prosecute. Peter Strzok perjured himself.

In 2016, Strzok texted his lover, FBI Lawyer Lisa Page, that they were going to work together to "protect the country from that menace [Trump]." Republicans asked Strzok in a closed door hearing what he meant by that, and he tried to claim that the "menace" was Russia. However, when Lisa Page testified, she told Congress the truth.

"The 'menace' is Donald Trump," Page admitted. "At the time that we opened the investigation, I don't have any reason to believe that it is Donald Trump himself who was colluding with the Russians."

Peter Strzok lied to Congress under oath and there is already a witness who testified against him. Federal law allows Congress to refer perjury charges directly to the US Attorney's Office for prosecution, bypassing the Deep State entirely. The statute states that the US Attorney "shall" prosecute the case. The DOJ and FBI would be powerless to intervene.

Congress has all of the proof they need to send lock away Strzok for years. Republicans have said they wanted to wait for the DOJ and the Inspector General to conclude their investigations, but now we know that the Deep State is frantically destroying evidence to cover all of this up.

If you want to see Peter Strzok -- the mastermind saving Clinton and launching the Russia witch hunt -- pay for his crimes, then it really is now or never!

Lock him up now! Please, send your urgent FaxBlast to Congress before it is too late and FORCE them to immediately refer Peter Strzok for criminal prosecution!

Lock him up,

Joe Otto

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