The GOP is lashing out and forcing a vote to cancel President Trump's authority to move around border wall funding!

These numbers are remarkable. Thanks to President Trump's national emergency order, more than one mile of border wall is going up every single day. With dozens more projects set to begin over the next few months, the administration says it will complete between 450-500 miles of border wall by the end of next September.

But now, we are hearing even better news. The White House has discovered an additional 3.6 billion that can be reallocated to the border wall project. That would allow the administration to build an additional 95 miles of border wall next year, which would bring Trump's first term border wall construction total to around 650 miles.

You would think that Republicans would be celebrating. The GOP has promised to secure the border for decades. Now, Donald Trump is poised to double the amount of fencing at the border in his first term alone. But the GOP isn't celebrating. Republicans are furious.

The Republican Leadership has ordered Trump to stand down and cancel the border wall construction, or else. The President, obviously, refused. Now, these Establishment Cowards are punching back.

Mitt Romney and Mike Lee have just introduced a bill known as the Article One Act. This legislation would revoke the President's ability to move funding to the border wall project without Congressional approval. Right now, Congress needs a two-thirds majority in both chambers to ultimately revoke Trump's order. The Lee-Romney bill would allow Congress to cancel a Presidential national emergency with just a simple majority.

Under this proposal, if just four Republicans voted with Democrats, then the border wall construction would be completely cancelled!

Why are Mitt Romney and Mike Lee vowing to cancel the border wall project? They are angry that Trump diverted funding from military construction projects in their state.

An estimated 54 million in military construction funds was supposed to be spent in Utah. Half of that funding was set to go towards an Air Force antenna calibration facility and the other half was set to go to a test and training range. Those projects haven't been cancelled either. They have just been delayed.

But that delay was apparently enough to get these two men against the border wall project. Imagine that. The government is securing one mile of the border every single day, and these two RINOs want to shut it down over a antenna calibration facility...

They claim that they support Border Security, but not the way that Trump is doing it. That is the GOP's new talking point. Obviously, Romney is in his first term, but the rest of these establishment Republicans have been promising to build the wall for years. However, whenever spending bills came up for a vote, they always claimed that the 'timing wasn't right' to build it.

That was the excuse we heard from John Boehner, Paul Ryan, and now Mitch McConnell as well. They are lying. They have been lying all along. Now that Trump is building the wall on his own, they are desperately trying to stop him!

Romney and Lee are obviously on board with this plan. Susan Collins has announced that she will vote for the Article One Act as well. Our reporting also suggests that retiring Senator Lamar Alexander (TN) is planning to vote for the bill as well. There are at least eight other GOPers who are committed to revoking the emergency order.

House Democrats are obviously ecstatic, but they actually are having a harder time whipping up the votes. Vulnerable Democrats up for re-election next year don't want to vote to cancel the border wall project. They understand that would be political suicide. So, Nancy Pelosi is courting the GOP and we know she has flipped at least a dozen Republicans.

These Spineless Republicans would rather leave the border unsecured than allow the construction to continue.

The GOP was willing to take its time on this. But now that Trump is gearing up to reprogram even more funding, they want to force a vote on this bill Next Week!

You cannot let this happen!

Don't let the GOP and Dems cancel the border wall funding! Join today's campaign and STOP Congress from passing the Article One Act and defunding the border wall project!

The GOP has promised a border wall for decades.

Now that we finally have a President who is willing to do everything in his power to get the wall built, they want to pull the plug on the entire project.

This is our moment. But the only way to win this is by fighting back.

When my grandchildren and great-grandchildren ask what I did to secure the border and restore this country's sovereignty, I want the answer to be "everything he possibly could."

What will your answer be?


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily