Last year, not only did GOP leaders refuse to fund the border wall, but they actually slipped language into the budget prohibiting a wall from ever being built.

It's an important distinction. Ryan and McConnell declared that even if Trump found the funds to build the wall, be wouldn't be allowed to do it.

Well, President Trump has completely ignored their demands. He has moved the funding around in order to start border wall construction in California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas.

The projects are relatively small. In New Mexico, the new border wall will only cover 20 miles. But this project is absolutely crucial. 

Just last week, an illegal alien tried to climb over the new border wall in California. He climbed 30 feet up in the air and then fell over the other side. He broke both of his legs and was deported. The wall works.

Here's the problem. President Trump's funding is running out. He was able to scrounge together the funds to defy Ryan and McConnell and start breaking ground this year. But in just over two weeks, those funds will run out and the project will shut down.

The GOP leadership is licking its lips. They see this as a chance to halt the border wall mid-project and prevent it from ever being finished.

They must be stopped!

Block this Ryan-McConnell border surrender before it's too late! Send your instant message to Congress right now and DEMAND they kill any spending bill that defunds the border wall!

Yesterday, I warned you that Mitch McConnell has scheduled a vote on the Senate's version of the Homeland Security Appropriations Act. That legislation does NOT fund the border wall. It allows for some fence upgrades, but would again block any funds from being used to build the wall.

We were hearing from our Congressional sources that McConnell would force a vote early this week. Thanks to your activism, they vote was pushed back and the Senate will instead start by voting on HR6157, the Department of Defense Appropriations Act.

Instead, they will begin debating the Homeland Security bill later this week.

We are already making the GOP start to sweat. They thought that this was going to be a sure thing. They thought that they'd be able to sneak this through before Conservatives could rally and stop them.

We bombarded Congress with close to half a million faxblasts yesterday. Now it is time to finish this and kill this border wall surrender plan once and for all!

 Block this Ryan-McConnell border surrender right now! Tell Congress right now they MUST kill any spending bill that defunds the border wall, or else they will face the consequences!

We know the establishment's plan because they have already started executing it.

Mitch McConnell has added the Homeland Security spending bill to the Senate's legislative calendar and it DOESN'T fund the border wall. Paul Ryan is using this as an excuse to strip the border wall funding from the House's version of the bill.

Right now, there are construction crews and surveyors at work in all four southern border states. Ryan and McConnell's plan would pull the rug out from under them and leave the border wall in these sectors only partially built.

And they're plotting all of this behind closed doors specifically to stop YOU from finding out about it and stopping them.

But you're not going to let this surrender happen, are you?

Tell Congress they MUST kill this Ryan-McConnell border surrender plot, or else they will face the consequences!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily