We have been pressuring Congress for months to use every tool at their disposal to force the appointment of a second Special Prosecutor to go after the Obama administration for its clear abuse of power crimes during the last election.

News just broke yesterday that the Obama White House was being briefed on the Trump campaign surveillance from the beginning. They teamed up with the Clinton campaign to trick a judge into letting them spy on their political opponent.

This is far bigger than watergate.

The problem has always been that it is impossible for the FBI and DOJ to investigate themselves. It just isn't possible. That is why a Special Counsel is so important.

Your activism finally forced Members of Congress to band together to demand a second Special Counsel be appointed. Jeff Sessions responded to their request yesterday by rejecting their request.

Instead, Sessions has given the investigation to two Obama nominees to handle internally!

Sessions won't appoint a Special Prosecutor! Please, send your instant message to Congress and DEMAND that they fully prosecute James Comey for lying to Congressional investigators under oath!

The Inspector General, Michael Horowitz, is an Obama holdover. He has no prosecutorial powers. Considering the fact that most of the criminals in this conspiracy -- McCabe, Comey, Strzok, Obama -- are no longer government employees, there's nothing that Horowitz can do to them.

That is why we have been so adamant for the need for a Special Prosecutor.

Jeff Sessions has another idea. Instead, he has appointed current U.S. Attorney John W. Huber to handle the prosecutorial arm of Horowitz's investigation.

Guess who first nominated Huber: Obama.

The whole reason people like Sen. Chuck Grassley and Rep. Trey Gowdy started demanding a special prosecutor is because it is clear that the Obama administration broke the law. To have Obama appointees investigate these crimes is just stupid.

Here is the good news. Most of the major players have already testified before Congress and lied under oath.

When James Comey originally testified in May of 2017, he was asked a pretty straight forward question.

Chuck Grassley: "Have you ever authorized someone else at the FBI to be an anonymous source in news reports about the Trump investigation or the Clinton investigation?"

Jams Comey: "No."

That was a lie. When Andrew McCable was fired, he released a statement explaining that he wasn't a leaker because Comey had authorized him to speak to the media. Lying under oath is a crime and Congress has full authority to refer that for prosecution!

It was YOU who put the pressure on Congress to demand they fight for a Special Prosecutor. You got establishment Republicans like Chuck Grassley and Lindsey Graham to fight for a second Special Counsel. But now it is obvious that Attorney General Sessions won't do what is necessary to hold these criminals accountable.

It is time to take this out of the DOJ's hands entirely!

Please, send your instant message to Congress and DEMAND full prosecution of James Comey for lying to Congressional investigators under oath!

It is time to hold the Obama administration accountable for its crimes. Jeff Sessions won't do it, so it is up to Congress. That means it is up to YOU to demand it!

Under the law, Congress is the one to refer perjury crimes to the U.S. Attorney for prosecution. The Department of Justice is required to convene a Grand Jury. Neither Sessions, nor the Obama holdovers, would have the power to derail the criminal referral.

This is now the only way to ensure that justice is served. 

Take action!

Please, before it is too late, send your instant message to Congress and DEMAND full prosecution of James Comey for lying under oath!