Breaking News: The Illegal Migrant Caravan just tore down a fence at the Guatemala-Mexico border and is less than one day's drive away from the US border!

The border between Mexico and Guatemala is a long river in a ravine. There are only a handful of border crossings. One of them is a long, narrow bridge that stretches across the river.

On one side of the bridge, there is a Guatemalan government checkpoint. On the other side, a Mexican port of entry.

The photo above shows what happened when the caravan of illegal migrants reached this bridge yesterday. On the left is the moment that they busted through the Guatemalan border fence and began streaming onto the bridge.

On the right side of the image above, you can see the tiny Mexican outpost holding back the sea of people.

That small Mexican border fence is now the only thing stopping the illegal migrant caravan from reaching the United States... A chain-linked fence stretching 20-30 feet across the bridge is the only thing holding back an invasion, and it is manned by one of the most corrupt police forces in the entire country.

If this tiny barricade falls, like the one in Guatemala did yesterday morning, then this caravan will reach the US border in less 24 hours. And under our current laws, any illegal alien who has a child in-tow is guaranteed entry into the United States. Practically every single person in the caravan has a child with them. Others will just link up with an unaccompanied child and pretend they're related.

If the caravan makes it through, they will get into the United States. And the GOP just wants to sit on its hands and let it happen...

Stop Congress from surrendering our borders! Send your instantly delivered letter to Congress and FORCE them to pass a full border security bill right now to build the wall and cut off aid funding to foreign countries harboring these illegal migrants!

Last week, Guatemala's President Jimmy Morales announced at a conference that Guatemalan police have arrested 100 ISIS operatives in country, most of them Syrians with fraudulent passports. All of them were deported, but the announcement serves as a stark reminder that terrorists are starting to use the human smuggling routes in Central America to try to get into the United States.

Given this news, can anyone seriously look at that "caravan," that sea of people, and say that there are not any terrorists among them? Any hardened criminals looking to prey on innocent Americans? Drug traffickers or gang members trying to smuggle drugs or other contraband into the country? This is undoubtedly a national security issue.

The "reason" that the Mexican government is not allowing the caravan through is that practically none of the people have documentation proving their identity. They can't prove that the caravan people are who they say they are. And if they get through this last chain-linked fence, we'll have the same problem.

Both parties are responsible for this. Both Republicans and Democrats have spent decades loosening our immigration and asylum laws to let practically anyone into the country. Just this summer, we caught Kansas Congressman Kevin Yoder (R) pushing through an amendment that would have given asylum to domestic violence and gang violence victims. Anyone on earth would have been able to show up to our border, claim their husband/wife hit them, and they'd be immediately allowed into the United States. Luckily, we stopped this provision from reaching Trump's desk this year.

But the Establishment is doing something even more sinister: they're deliberately sitting on their hands. They see what is happening in Central America -- with thousands of migrants storming towards the border -- and they just want to let it happen.

President Trump threatened to cut off aid to Central American countries that help or protect the caravan. Congressional leaders immediately phoned the President and told him "don't you dare." Trump then threatened to call up the National Guard to secure the border if the caravan gets through. But liberal governors have already refused to let Trump call up their Guard to secure the border.

Congress must act. We need Congress to secure the border and punish foreign countries for turning a blind eye to illegal immigration. And that is exactly what the The Fund and Complete the Wall Act will do!

Hold Congress' feet to the fire! Send your instantly delivered letter to Congress and DEMAND they immediately send a full border security bill to Pres. Trump's desk for signature!

The Fund and Complete the Wall Act (H.R. 6657) is a common sense solution not only to fund the border wall, but also to punish foreign countries that are helping migrants travel to the United States.

Anytime Border Patrol agents apprehend an illegal alien, more than two thousand dol.lars would immediately be deducted from their home country's foreign aid totals. For example, if the entire Honduran caravan was arrested at the border, they would immediately lose eight million in US foreign aid.

While a small percentage of the funding would go towards funding border patrol vehicles and equipment, 95% of all funding generated from this bill would go towards border wall construction and maintenance.

It's common sense. Not only does this fund the border wall, but it holds Central and South American countries accountable. If the wall gets built: victory. If countries stop illegal migrants from ever reaching the United States: victory. It's a win-win.

Right now, President Donald Trump is demanding that both Republicans and Democrats pass a real border security package. No amnesty... just border security to keep Americans safe. He is doing everything he can. But he can't do it alone!

Conservatives in Congress are pushing to make the Fund and Complete the Wall Act part of that package, but they need your help!

Do not let the caravan in! Send your instantly delivered letter to Congress right now and FORCE them to immediately pass the Fund and Complete the Wall Act to fully build the Wall and punish foreign countries that protect illegal immigrants!

We have a chance, right now, to permanently secure the border and stop the flood of illegal aliens into this country. With a caravan of thousands of migrants less than a day's drive from the US border, there is no room for delay.

Republican Leaders like Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell want to vote on an amnesty package after the midterm elections. They want to trade partial border wall funding for full amnesty for Obama's illegal aliens. If Democrats retake one or both chambers of Congress, they are promising to block any border security bill. Nancy Pelosi just admitted that she will not trade anything for a border wall.

This is our best, and last, chance to get this done. But you need to push for it right now before it's too late!

Force the vote! Tell Congress right now -- in no uncertain terms -- that if they do not vote on a border security package immediately, including the Fund and Complete the Wall Act, they will be kicked out of office!

No time to waste,

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily