I have never been more ashamed of the Republican Party. After securing the votes to move Brett Kavanaugh's nomination out of the Judiciary Committee, Senator Jeff Flake decided to leave the hearing room. He went to a small adjacent room and asked all of the Democrats to join hi.

There, this lame duck Senator decided to negotiate with the Left on the terms to delay Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation. When the dust settled, Flake returned to the microphone and announced that he would not vote to confirm Brett Kavanaugh unless there was a full FBI investigation.

Flake flaked. The most spineless member of the United States Congress couldn't even hold it together for thirty minutes.

Now, the Democrats are celebrating. They think they can get the GOP to surrender even more and stall long enough to stop Kavanaugh from ever being added to the bench.

Stop the GOP from surrendering to the Left! Send your instant FaxBlast to Congress and DEMAND they confirm Brett Kavanaugh immediately!

Years ago, I was the subject of an FBI background check for a job I was applying to. I went through a process similar to the one now being performed on Brett Kavanaugh. FBI agents from across the country will meet with alleged witnesses and interview them. Once they're done, the agent will summarize the conversation in a note -- known as a "302" -- and then submit the results to Congress.

That's it. This isn't actually an investigation. The FBI legally cannot launch a criminal investigation because the alleged crime didn't happen in their jurisdiction. All the FBI will do is ask these people the same questions that the Judiciary Committee asked. It's totally redundant and a waste of time.

But that is the Left's goal. Every day that they stall is a day Brett Kavanaugh is not on the Supreme Court. 

The Supreme Court is starting its fall term this coming Monday. That is why the White House has been pushing so hard to get Kavanaugh confirmed before this weekend. Starting on Monday, the Supreme Court will begin hearing oral arguments and deciding which appeals to accept. Without Kavanaugh on the bench, there will be a 4-4 split on the court. Without Brett Kavanaugh on the bench, liberal lower court rulings will be affirmed and Conservative appeals will be denied.

Take Monday as an example. The Supreme Court is set to hear oral arguments for Weyerhaeuser v. US Fish and Wildlife Service. The case won't grab any headlines, but it is crucially important when it comes to reversing the Obama agenda.

In Mississippi and Louisiana, there are 1,500 acres of land owned by private individuals and companies that Obama tried to seize. The Obama administration stepped in and declared the land a "critical habitat" that could not be commercially or even residentially developed.

What was Obama trying to protect? The Dusky Gopher Frog. Not only did the Obama administration block these individuals and companies from building on the land, but they actually ordered them to chop down the indigenous trees and planting hundreds of new trees that the frogs would enjoy more

I'm not kidding. The Obama admin ordered the owners to chop down the loblolly pine trees and replace them with longleaf pines. This is all on private land. The Obama administration found a couple threatened frogs and decided to essentially steal the land from the owners.

The 5th Circuit Court of Appeals agreed with the Obama administration. As a last ditch effort, the land owner appealed to the Supreme Court, begging the Justices to stop this land theft. Thanks to the Left's delay tactics and the GOP's surrender, when the Supreme Court hears this case, the split will be 4-4. Without a majority ruling one way or another, the lower court ruling will be kept in place.

This is just one case. I agree, it's not a particularly sexy case. But now that the GOP has caved to the Left's demands, the Federal government will be given new outrageous powers. You better hope there aren't any rare frogs on your property...

Stop the GOP from surrendering to the Left! Send your instant FaxBlast to Congress and DEMAND they confirm Brett Kavanaugh immediately!

The Supreme Court is hearing a total of six cases this week. If the Left can delay for two weeks, then Kavanaugh will be kept off the bench for a total of ten cases. More importantly, perhaps, is the fact that the liberal Justices will now have the power to reject conservative appeals.

Right now, there are a dozen pro-life cases that are appealing to the Supreme Court. There are also at least three major pro-gun cases petitioning the Court. The Supreme Court considers these cases in what is known as a "conference." Their first conference is next Thursday. Without Kavanaugh in those meetings, there will not be enough votes to approve these critical conservative cases. Democrats will be able to reject the appeals and leave the radical lower court rulings in place. 

How radical? Courts have already ruled that unborn children who have heartbeats are not human beings. The 9th Circuit Court also ruled that Americans do not have a right to carry a gun -- open or concealed. These radical rulings are left in place if Kavanaugh is not confirmed this week.

The stakes have never been higher.

Already, we are seeing Democrats calling for another delay. They just got the GOP to cave, and now they are demanding more.

Christine Blasey Ford's lawyers are already demanding that the FBI be allowed to investigate indefinitely. She has zero evidence that any crime occurred, and every "witness" she named has already denied the allegations under penalty of felony. But now, she's demanding that the FBI spend months helping her smear this man, even though this isn't even a Federal crime and the statute of limitations expired in 1983.

Senator Coons -- the man who flipped Jeff Flake -- is also demanding that the FBI investigate 'all new allegations.' Already, new "victims" are coming forward. Leftists are accusing Kavanaugh faster than he can disprove them. It's all by design.

This is all about delaying Kavanaugh as long as possible. The Left CANNOT be allowed to win!

Stop the GOP from surrendering to the Left! Send your instant FaxBlast to Congress and DEMAND they confirm Brett Kavanaugh immediately!

This is a fight to the finish. Make no mistake, the Left is mobilizing everything they have to defeat Kavanaugh.

They cannot be allowed to win. There is just too much at stake.

This week will decide the future of the country. It will decide whether we take this country back, or allow it to be dragged back into the Obama years. If the Left blocks Kavanaugh, Trump will not be able to fill the seat before the midterms. That is their only goal.

The Democrats got the spineless Republicans to cave. Now they smell blood in the water.

You must fight back!

Please, you cannot let the GOP surrender the Supreme Court! Send your instant FaxBlast to Congress and DEMAND they confirm Brett Kavanaugh immediately!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily