We just received a bombshell leak from Congress. Last week, the GOP leadership held a conference call and decided that they would not fund the border wall in the upcoming Homeland Security spending bill. 

We have heard about this before. Mitch McConnell pitched the idea months ago of delaying the border wall funding until after the midterm election. He doesn't want to have a fight this close to the election.

Instead of doing what they promised, the GOP leadership are asking you to trust them.

They are asking you to trust that after the election -- once you have given up all of your leverage -- they will do the right thing and fully fund the border wall. They want you to forget about the fact that we've been waiting 10+ years for this funding to be approved and trust that once their jobs are secured, they'll secure the border.

It is gravely insulting. Not only is it insulting that they think we should reward them with re-election to get what they want, but it is insulting that they actually think you will fall for this!

If you trust the GOP to fund the wall on its own, then by all means, sit back and watch.

But if don't, please join this fight right now!

Just so we're clear, the GOP is planning on passing a continuing resolution that prohibits border wall spending and then once you've elected them to another two or six year term, they're promising to overturn this provision and appropriate the funds.

In order to get them to approve the border wall, they're claiming they need to ban it first.

If they are allowed to get away with this, the border wall will not get built. You know it, I know it, and they know it.

Paul Ryan tried this last year. He refused to fund the border wall on multiple occasions, promising each time that the funding would pass in just a few weeks. Those were lies. The GOP has lied to us for 19 and a half months. Now, they're trying to do it one more time.

If the Democrats take over one or more chambers of Congress this November, then the wall will never be built. If Republicans are able to eke out a win, then they'll be able to say the voters don't care about building the wall and continue blocking it. To the open-borders establishment, it's a win-win.

Your biggest points of leverage are your vote and your donations. Congressmen and Senators are willing to do practically anything to secure those two things.

The GOP establishment thinks they can trick you into supporting them without them needing to approve the border wall project.

You MUST prove them wrong right now!

Now or never! Send your instant message to Congress and tell them you will remove ANYONE who votes against securing the border and building the wall!

Conservatives in Congress are waking up. The Freedom Caucus understands what will happen to them if they allow Congress to defund the border wall. They know they'll get slaughtered at the polls.

Just yesterday, Rep. Jim Jordan and others issued a formal demand to the leadership for full border wall funding to be included in the upcoming spending package.

"We should do what we said. What was probably the single biggest promise Republicans made to the voters in 2016? It was the border security wall," Jordan announced on Fox and Friends this morning. "So let's get it done on the spending bill."

Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell, however, are officially moving forward with their betrayal plan. Instead of passing a spending package for the Department of Homeland Security, they are going to simply extend this year's spending package a few weeks until after the election.

They would rather stab Conservatives in the back and get 34 Democrats to support their bill than actually fulfill their promises to Conservatives.

That is what they are doing. For every Conservative who rises against their open border surrender plan, they court another Democrat to help them pass it. They are terrified of actually passing a Conservative spending package.

The GOPe thought they could surrender without incident. They thought they could force this through and you would be none the wiser.

They were wrong. Now you know, and with that knowledge comes a responsibility -- nay, a duty -- to act on it.

You must finish this and FORCE Congress to fully fund Pres. Trump's border wall project!

Tell Congress right now that any Congressman or Senator who blocks the border wall funding will be kicked out of office!

The Republican Leadership knows that this is their best chance to block the border wall from ever being built in Trump's first term. That was their goal all along. From the very beginning, they used every excuse in the book to explain why the "timing wasn't right" to secure the border.

Just think about that. These people are so consumed by their power that they actually believe the timing isn't right to protect Americans from the scourge of illegal immigration and the crime that floods across the border.

They look at Mollie Tibbetts, Sarah Root, or Kate Steinle and say the timing isn't right to do anything about it. The only "timing" they do care about, however, is their re-election.

It's time to fight back with everything we've got. Bombard Congress and DEMAND full border wall funding this month, or else we will immediately withhold our donations and votes. 

The only language these gutless politicians understand is fear and it is up to you to strike fear in their hearts right now!

Please don't let Ryan and McConnell block the border wall funding! Send your instant message to Congress right now and DEMAND full border wall funding in the Department Homeland Security Appropriations Act... or else!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily