This week, the Trump administration arrested 214 MS-13 gang members here in the United States. Almost one third of those people arrested came into the US as "unaccompanied alien children." This is the program that Obama set up to allow children to enter and stay in the US no questions asked. These are the people that Democrats and RINOs are desperate to give amnesty to.

These are the criminals that the Establishment wants to put on a pathway to citizenship. Democrats are promising to shut down the government if Republicans pass end-of-the-year spending bills that include funding for a border wall and do not hand out amnesty to illegal aliens. Now, some prominent Republicans are joining them.

Senator Jeff Flake (R-AZ) was forced into announcing his retirement. This anti-Trump Senator decided that amnesty and criticizing the President was more important than representing the people who elected him. So, he is going full-amnesty because he knows there's nothing his voters can do about it. So, he is promising to push his "BRIDGE Act" through.

This legislation would make Obama's amnesty programs permanent and extend them to all children who enter the United States illegally, even the gang members.

Obama’s open border policy allowed these violent gang members to enter the US and victimize innocent Americans. Now, the GOP traitors are teaming up with Feinstein and the Democrats to make these policies permanent before Trump can deport any more of them!

Stop the GOP’s immigration surrender! Send your FaxBlast to Congress and DEMAND they kill the amnesty immigration bills before they gains any momentum!

This is the face of the open border policy being pushed by the establishment. This is the price they are willing to pay to import cheap labor into the United States.

This is what we are up against, folks…

Winning the Presidential election a year ago was just the start. Now we need to fight to make sure that Congress enacts what We the People voted for.

That includes mandatory minimum sentences for illegal alien criminals who re-enter the United States, like what Kate’s Law would enact.

That also includes defunding Sanctuary Cities to make sure that these criminal illegal aliens aren’t given even more of an opportunity to prey on innocent Americans.

It includes measures to crack down on the illegal drug trade and yes, it includes a WALL.

The legislation the GOP is putting together looks the same as it would if the Democrats had won. They were going to make an amnesty push regardless of who won the 2016 election.

It is not enough to just bombard Congress in the days leading up to a vote. Part of our strategy this year is to hit them while they are crafting and drafting legislation as well. And for that, we need your help!

Don’t let Congress make Obama’s amnesty permanent! Send your FaxBlast and DEMAND they block the Flake-Feinstein amnesty bill from moving forward!