We are running out of time to get the border wall funded this year. Congress has a little more than a month before they have to vote on spending bills to keep government agencies running.

Paul Ryan refused to fund the border wall this past Spring. He caved to the liberal pressure and blocked border wall funding from being added to the budget. He promised that when the next spending bills were rolled out, the President would get everything he needs for a wall. He was lying.

Right now, the border patrol spending bill includes funding for just sixty miles of border fencing, representing just four percent of the total mileage of open border.

This is next year's budget. The GOP already refused to allow President Trump to build any border fencing during his first year in office. Now, they are only going to allow him to build sixty miles during his second year in office.

They are sabotaging the President!

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Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell are trying to run out the clock. They don't want to build a wall along the southern border. Their corporate donors - like the Chamber of Commerce - literally demand that they keep the border open.

During the campaign, Ryan said that the border wall wasn't going to happen. He said that he would never support Donald Trump or his policies. Now, we are seeing his words in action.

Realize, this sabotage is going into next-year's budget. If this bill passes, they will have successfully blocked the wall from being built for at least two years. If Democrats retake one branch of Congress next year, then the border will remain unsecured for the entirety of the Trump Presidency.

There's no "next time" here. It is truly now or never. If the RINOs succeed in running out the clock, there will be no coming back.

Don't let them get away with this!

Now or never. Send your instantaneous FaxBlast to Congress and FORCE them to fund the entire border wall, or else!

The Trump administration is preparing to roll out the finalists for the new border wall's design. One of the design finalists - which the President has voiced his support for - includes solar panels with the plan of selling the electricity to Mexico to pay for the wall. Right now, the finalists are building prototypes along the southern border.

The President is living up to his promise. He is moving forward with his pledge to "Build the Wall." But he can't do it alone and he certainly can't do it if his own party is trying to sabotage him.

He needs your help!

Don't let Ryan sabotage this! Send your instantaneous FaxBlast to Congress and FORCE them to fund the entire border wall, or else!