It is called Operation Faithful Patriot: Active duty troops being deployed to the border to stop the caravan and any other illegal aliens trying to get into the country.

Originally, the Pentagon was going to limit Trump's deployment to just 800 soldiers. Trump overruled the Generals and is sending fifteen thousand soldiers... And they're armed! Just this week, Trump relayed instructions to the military to give the soldiers permission to defend themselves and this country from any and all acts of violence.

Yesterday, the soldiers began deploying razor wire along the border. Miles of razor wire.

"I saw that barbed wire going up," President Trump remarked at a rally last night in Montana. "Beautiful sight."

Democrats are furious and accusing Trump of breaking the law by using troops to secure the border. They are now launching a full assault on Trump to pull the troops off of the border and let the caravan come marching in!

Protect the troops at the border! Tell Congress to STOP Pelosi and the Dems from pulling the funding and opening up the border for the caravan to cross!

The whole issue is over the funding being used for this troop deployment. The Democrats know that Congress must vote on a new spending package in the next couple of weeks and Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell don't have the votes to pass it with just Republican votes.

The bill would fully fund Planned Parenthood and the United Nations, so of course most Conservative Congressmen are voting against it. The GOP needs Democrat votes in order to keep the government fully funded, and the budget deadline comes a whole week before the border deployment ends.

So, the Left has tremendous leverage to force liberal riders into the bill. Pelosi is now having talks with Ryan to force a provision to pull the troops off the border!

Not in a month when the budget bill is due... she wants the vote this week!

Every single foot of razor wire would have to be removed. All of the military helicopters and drones patrolling the border would be grounded. All of the troops at the border would be withdrawn and Border Patrol would have to deal with the three caravans marching through Mexico all on their own. 

This is exactly what the Left wants and it is terrifying just how close they are to getting it!

Stop Pelosi now before it's too late! Please, send your instant letter to Congress right now and FORCE Congress to kill the Left's plan to pull the funding from Trump's border troop deployment!

President Trump is rushing to secure the border as fast as he can. The Trump administration just authorized a 145 million border wall project in Texas and the US Army is laying razor wire to stop illegal aliens from rushing into the country.

Democrats know that if they're going to stop the President, they have to do it now. And the spineless GOPers want to give it to them!

You have never had more power than you have right now. With the midterm elections in just a couple of days, now is the time to put maximum pressure on Congress. Do not let them pull the plug on Pres. Trump's border security plan!

Do not let them get away with this!

Protect the troops and keep the border secure! Please, send your instantly delivered letter to Congress right now and FORCE them to kill Pelosi's amendment to pull the funding and remove the troops from the border!

The fight is here,

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily