The Democrats know this is their last chance. If Brett Kavanaugh reaches the Supreme Court, their dreams of forcing liberalism onto the American people through the Judiciary will evaporate.

If he is confirmed, we will see conservative rulings on immigration, the 2nd amendment, pro-life issues, labor disputes, and a host of other issues. For years, we have talked about taking this country back. Confirming Brett Kavanaugh will do just that.

But the Left refuses to let this happen. They are desperately searching for anyone -- anything -- that can stop Kavanaugh from being confirmed.

I want you to take a hard look at the image above. This photo was taken yesterday in a Senate hallway. Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) trapped swing-vote Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) in a doorway and was pressuring her to vote against Kavanaugh. As you know, Murkowski is one of the Republicans that the left is targeting to kill the confirmation. If they can get two Republicans to flip, the nomination will be killed.

This photo shows they are literally targeting her. Look at Feinstein's face. Look at her posture. Look at her clenched fist. The Left is trying everything they can to derail this Supreme Court confirmation because they know the stakes.

Today, Kavanaugh is testifying under oath and directly disputing Christine Blasey Ford's allegations. He has repeatedly said he has no idea what she is talking about. Since she brought these unsubstantiated allegations, two different men have come forward and admitted to the Judiciary Committee that they could be the ones that Ford is remembering. Men are literally admitting to sexual assault because they cannot stand to see Kavanaugh railroaded like this...

This woman has zero evidence that Brett Kavanaugh did anything wrong, she can't remember where or when the "attack" happened, and all four people she claims were present have said to the committee under penalty of perjury that it never happened.

Now, just hours before the hearing, we are discovering even more discrepancies in her story. She claims that there were only four other people at the party -- Brett Kavanaugh, Mark Judge, "PJ", and Leland Keyser. All four denied it all. But when Christine Blasey Ford took a polygraph back in August, she claimed there were "four boys and a couple of girls" at the party. The whole thing is a sham. It's nothing but a delay tactic.

Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley is starting to wake up. He has scheduled a tentative committee vote on Kavanaugh for tomorrow morning. Now, the Left is demanding that vote be delayed as well. 

They will keep doing this until the confirmation is delayed until after the Midterm Election. That is their ultimate goal!

Don't let the Left win! Send your instant FaxBlast to Congress right now and DEMAND they immediately confirm Brett Kavanaugh, or else face the consequences!

The GOP made a huge mistake in taking these baseless allegations seriously. They bent over backwards to give this woman a hearing today, even though she can't even "remember" when or where Judge Kavanaugh "attacked" her.

The minute that the Republicans caved, the Democrats went into overdrive. They dispatched an investigator to Colorado and found a woman who thinks that Brett Kavanaugh may have exposed himself to her at a college party. She admits that she could be completely wrong and says she spent 6 days "carefully assessing her memories and consulting with her attorney." Within hours, her story fell apart. Every witness she claims was there completely denies it.

Then, the 'creepy porn lawyer' Michael Avenatti brought his accuser forward. Her claim is that Brett Kavanaugh was at a party where she was raped. She isn't claiming that the judge did it. No, her only claim is that he was at a party where she was attacked in another room. The Judiciary Committee asked to interview her, but she is refusing to talk to anyone but the FBI. It's all just theatrics.

Since that news broke just yesterday, there were three other "allegations" brought to the committee. Two were disproven and one was revealed to be a hoax. The Left will keep bringing up these nonsense allegations until the GOP either gives up or Democrats retake Congress and can block the nomination entirely.

But the Establishment Republicans are falling for it. Ohio Governor John Kasich is now ordering Congress to delay the confirmation and delay the whole process for weeks.

Sen. Jeff Merkley just filed a lawsuit in Federal court to block the confirmation from going forward.

They are desperate to stop a Conservative from being added to the Supreme Court!

Stop the GOP from surrendering this Supreme Court seat! Tell Congress right now that if they do not bust through this obstruction and immediately confirm Kavanaugh, they will be removed from office!

The most disgusting aspect of all of this is how Democrats are treating Brett Kavanaugh and his family. Remember, every Democrat on this committee had already declared they were going to vote against him. There is absolutely nothing that Kavanaugh can do or say to win them over.

They've complained about Republicans withholding documents, but it was the Democrats who sat on Christine Blasey Ford's letter for six weeks and then leaked it to the media at the last minute.

Now, they are declaring that it is Kavanaugh who must prove his innocence. They are openly declaring him guilty until proven innocent. They are so desperate to stop his confirmation that they are willing to turn the foundation of our legal system upside-down -- that someone is innocent until proven otherwise.

It is disgusting. It is disgusting that the Left would stoop so low as to drag an innocent man and his family through the mud over politics.

But it is equally disgusting that the GOP allowed them to do this. With the committee vote scheduled for tomorrow, more RINOs are now pressuring the leadership to delay again.

You must stop this from happening! Please, send your instant FaxBlast to Congress right now and FORCE them to immediately confirm Brett Kavanaugh, or else be removed from office!

Never stop fighting,

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily