If Mitch McConnell had gotten his way, he would be on a beach right now, sipping on a pina colada.That was his plan. Congress was supposed to take a month-long vacation in August.

Conservatives across the country had a different idea. You and millions of other Conservatives demanded that Congress stay in session and keep working through the President's Judicial nominees. Even President Trump demanded that McConnell cancel the vacation and keep working.

To Mitch McConnell's credit, he did it. He kept Congress in session and has continued to hold votes on Trump's lower court nominees. Today, there are 88 Judicial nominees before Congress. That number sat at almost 130 two months ago. McConnell is moving these nominees through as fast as he can.

But one nominee has stalled: Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

Democrats just filed a lawsuit to get millions of documents so they can stall and block Kavanaugh's confirmation!

Don't let them stall and block Trump's agenda and court nominees! Send your instant message to Congress and FORCE them to bust through the Left's obstruction right now!

The Supreme Court starts its session on October 1. That is why it is so important to get Judge Kavanaugh confirmed before then.

In just the first three days of October, the Supreme Court is set to hear six cases. In that first week, the Court will also hold a conference to decide whether to hear dozens of other cases.

Those challenges include major cases about illegal immigration and gun rights. Without Kavanaugh on the bench, the Liberal Justices have the power to refuse to hear these cases and keep radical lower court rulings in place.

If Brett Kavanaugh is not on court, there is no telling the damage that these Liberal Justices could do...

Democrats now believe they've found a way to delay the confirmation and the GOP is just letting it happen. Before Kavanaugh was a judge, he worked in the George W. Bush White House. Democrats are now demanding every single document he ever touched when he was at the White House.

They are demanding millions of documents. Yes, millions. What's next? His third grade book reports? You laugh, but I wouldn't put it past the Democrats...

These documents have nothing to do with his fitness to serve on the bench. If the Left succeeds, there's no telling how long they will be able to stall for. Technically, they could read all of these documents out loud, back-to-back, in the Senate and block a final vote until all of them are read.

Mitch McConnell already said that if the Democrats pull this trick, they could stall until mid-November -- after the midterm elections. If Democrats can retake Congress, then they would be able to block Kavanaugh's nomination forever.

McConnell and the GOP have the power to put a stop to this right now but as is always the case, McConnell is more interested in preserving the Senate rules than in preserving this country's Constitution. He thinks the Left has a right to stall this nomination.

They are going to keep the loopholes open to let the Democrats stall, or even block, Kavanaugh's confirmation.

Don't let them stall and block Trump's agenda and court nominees! Send your instant message to Congress and FORCE them to bust through the Left's obstruction right now!

It is not an exaggeration. Even a slight delay would be catastrophic.

The Supreme Court is set to hold a conference in the Fall to decide which cases to hear. That will include deciding whether to hear key pro-life, immigration, and 2nd Amendment cases. If Democrats can even just stall Kavanaugh's nomination even for a couple months, they can stop him from voting to hear these cases and keep a number of radical state-level abortion and gun control laws on the books.

Last month, Democrats were able to kill one of Trump's nominations after digging up articles he wrote for his school newspaper. Trump nominated Ryan W. Bounds to serve in the 9th Circuit. Democrats were terrified of a Conservative judge being added to the most liberal circuit in America. So, they dug up his old school newspaper articles and found something "scandalous" enough to kill his nomination entirely.

They are hoping to do the same with Judge Kavanaugh. They are hoping that somewhere in those million pages, there is something they can use to create a scandal. If not, they know they can stall and hopefully delay a final vote until after the midterms.

What is even worse is that the GOP leadership letting this happen!

We don't get another chance at this...

Don't let the Left stall and block Trump's agenda and court nominees! You must send your instant message to Congress and FORCE them to bust through the Left's obstruction right now!

Keep fighting,

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily