Deep State officials just informed the President they will NOT obey his order to declassify the Russia documents.

When President Trump ordered the Deep State to release all of their classified Russia witch hunt documents, he demanded "immediate declassification." As President, Trump is the top classification authority in the country. His orders are not subject to review and he can classify or declassify whatever he wants.

Except when the order came down on Monday, the DOJ and FBI didn't release the unredacted Russia witch hunt documents as ordered. Tuesday came and went without any release, as did Wednesday and Thursday.

That is because Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein has instructed the Department to go through the regular declassification process. They are treating Pres. Trump as they would any other American requesting government documents. They are redacting practically everything and refusing to hand it over.

The Deep State is openly defying the President. It's a coup d'etat. Justice Department officials just met with the President in the White House and informed him they will NOT be releasing the documents. "Key allies" in Congress also called the President, urging him to stand down and stop the release process.

The Deep State is winning!

Stop this Deep State coup! Send your instant FaxBlast to Congress and ORDER them to charge every Democrat and Deep State operative responsible for covering up these crimes!

The Deep State and their allies are circling the wagons. They've been pushing the Russian collusion hoax for two years. They have literally spied on Trump campaign advisors' phone calls and used perjury traps to force Trump aides to turn against the President.

And yet, there is still ZERO evidence of collusion. There was never any evidence.

The whole investigation was built on a Clinton campaign document, a web of lies designed to achieve a political outcome. Disgraced FBI lawyer Lisa Page even admitted that the FBI had no evidence of collusion when Mueller was appointed. Trump wasn't ever under investigation.

And yet, we now have Robert Mueller investigating everything the President has ever done. He is now questioning Trump allies over Trump's past dealings with Russia. Which deals? The Miss Universe Pageant. That's right, Robert Mueller is now investigating the beauty pageant that Trump used to own because they held the competition in Moscow in 2013.

The whole thing is out of control. Just weeks ago, Robert Mueller asked Judge Randolph Moss -- an Obama appointee -- to throw a Trump aide in prison for 6 months. For months, Democrats have accused George Papadopoulos, a low-level Trump campaign aide, of being a Russian agent because he bragged in a bar once about the Russians having Hillary Clinton's missing emails.

But when Judge Moss read over the case, he was shocked. Instead of presenting evidence of collusion, Mueller was going after Papodopoulos for "misleading" the FBI. Not even lying, but misleading. One of his misleading statements? FBI agents asked him if he ever spoke to "a man with a Russian accent" in 2016. Papodopoulos answered 'no,' and the Deep State charged him with lying to the FBI because he had a meeting with a man named Joseph Mifsud. He's not a Russian, he's from Malta. But the FBI believed that he had a 'Russian-sounding accent,' so they filed the charges against George Papadopoulos for misleading investigators.

Instead of sentencing him to 6 months as Mueller asked, Judge Randolph Moss sentenced George Papodopoulos to just two weeks in jail (not even prison). The Judge remarked that there was zero evidence that this Trump aide had ever tried to hurt the United States or help the Russian government. An Obama judge admitted that the entire narrative of Russian collusion was bogus and the media went completely silent on it.

Trump tried ordering the FBI and DOJ to declassify all of the underlying Russia investigation documents.

Congressional Democrats just stepped in and ordered the Deep State to ignore the President's directive entirely!

Stop this Leftist coup! Tell Congress right now that they MUST go after every Democrat and Deep Stater trying to block Pres. Trump from releasing these documents!

It's really something we have never seen before in this country. The President of the United States -- the head of the Executive Branch and top classification authority -- has ordered an Executive Agency to declassify and release documents and Democratic lawmakers are ordering the Deep State to ignore the order.

The demand is coming from Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Adam Schiff, and Mark Warner. They are accusing President Trump of "abusing his power." Not only are they demanding that the DOJ refuse to release the documents, but they are also instructing the Department to withhold any Russia-related evidence from the President of the United States.

"President Trump and the White House should not be given access to any sensitive law enforcement or national security information related to an ongoing federal investigation examining conduct by the President, his campaign, or his associates."

Right now, Democrats are trying to rewrite the constitution to steal power from the President. As the Chief Executive and the nation's top classification authority, President Trump has the right to declassify whatever he wants. On Monday, Trump ordered these documents to be "immediately declassified." The Deep State is refusing to comply.

This is not just a constitutional crisis... this is treason!

Seize the documents now! Send your instant FaxBlast to Congress right now and FORCE them to seize these hidden Russia documents and charge everyone involved in the cover up!

And what are the Republicans doing? They are letting this all happen. Not only has Paul Ryan blocked Conservatives from going after Rod Rosenstein for hiding these documents from Congress, but he has also ordered committees to stand down from investigating this Democrat collusion. 

President Trump never should have even had to issue this order. Every single one of these documents were already under a Congressional Subpoena. If the GOP leadership had even an ounce of courage, these documents would already have been released.

The only reason we're here is because Rod Rosenstein hid documents from Congress and broke the law. 

The only reason we're here is because the GOP decided to let him get away with it!

And now, the top echelons of Democrat leadership are conspiring with the Deep State to stop the President from releasing them. They know that if the American people see what the Obama administration did, and just how little evidence they had before spying on the Trump campaign, Mueller's witch hunt will be shut down.

Those are the stakes and they've never been higher.

It's time to go to war.

Stop them! Send your instant FaxBlast to Congress and order them to seize these Russia documents and criminally charge every single Democrat and Deep State operative involved!

No giving up,

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily