Last week was NOT a good week for the Deep State. James Comey admitted under oath that the anti-Trump FISA warrants never should have been approved. The FBI released interview transcripts from Agent William Barnett that showed the FBI wanted to close the Michael Flynn investigation, but Peter Strzok kept it open to probe whether Flynn broke the Logan Act. We also learned that the Vice President Joe Biden was the one who recommended that the Deep State use the Logan Act as an excuse to keep the witch hunt going.

It was in the midst of all of this that the GOP scheduled Andrew McCabe to testify. As you know, Andrew McCabe was the #2 in the FBI when all this was going down. When Peter Strzok and Lisa Page met to discuss the "insurance policy" against Trump, they did it in McCabe's office. He was there from the very beginning of the Trump-Russia witch hunt. Given everything we learned in the past week, he has to testify and, quite honestly, answer for his crimes.

That was supposed to happen on October 6th. McCabe was scheduled to appear before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

But just yesterday, McCabe's lawyer announced that he was no longer going to show up to the hearing. Why? Because two GOP committee members - who wouldn't even be there for the hearing - tested positive for covid-19...

Quick, send your instant FaxBlast before it's too late and DEMAND that Congress immediately issue subpoenas to every single Deep State and Obama official involved in this anti-Trump coup!

Yes, this Deep State criminal is refusing to testify because of the "manifest danger" of him catching covid-19 by showing up. You see, Andrew McCabe insists that he be allowed to testify in-person. The committee offered him the ability to virtually testify. But McCabe's lawyer rejected the offer, saying that his client will not testify until he is able to do so "in-person at a future date when it is safe to do so."

Why is he refusing to testify over a video screen? His lawyer says it is because the committee "interrupted and spoke over" Sally Yates and James Comey when they both testified remotely. McCabe is claiming that remote testimony puts a witness "at a distinct disadvantage." 

But wait: it gets better. McCabe is also demanding access to "various materials that would refresh his recollection, including his unclassified FBI personal calendars and personal notes." In addition to refusing to testify before this respiratory virus is cured, McCabe is also demanding access to a whole trove of documents so he can get his story straight.

Why is McCabe so eager to get his story straight? Because he has already been caught in a major lie. McCabe wrote a book where he claimed that he was briefed about the Flynn-Kislyak phone call by an analyst, and he then briefed James Clapper, who in turn personally briefed the President. But when James Clapper was asked, under oath, "Did you ever brief President Obama on the phone call, the Flynn-Kislyak phone calls," Clapper gave a very direct answer. "No," he proclaimed.

This is why McCabe is demanding all of the documents to review before he testifies.

He actually thinks he can get away with this. He actually thinks he can use the virus as an excuse not to testify and also demand all of the evidence so he can get his story straight and avoid perjury or self-incrimination.

Here's the truth: the only reason this is happening is because the GOP was too spineless to actually subpoena Andrew McCabe. Lindsey Graham was all over cable television talking about how he had scheduled McCabe's testimony for October 6. But instead of actually taking the step to subpoena McCabe, so he couldn't back out, Graham chose to make it "voluntary" testimony.

Now, just as we have McCabe where we want him, he is backing out!

Quick, send your instant FaxBlast before it's too late and DEMAND that Congress immediately issue subpoenas to every single Deep State and Obama official involved in this anti-Trump coup!

Enough is enough. We have these Obama administration officials dead to rights. They attempted to launch a coup d'etat against President Trump to remove him from office. 

Career agents in the FBI wanted to close down the Trump-Russia investigations but the political appointees and anti-Trump agents insisted on keeping it open. We know that not only were Barack Obama and Joe Biden briefed, but they actually instructed the FBI to keep the witch hunt open by any means necessary, even if it meant using a 1799 law that no one has ever been successfully prosecuted for breaking...

This scheme literally went all the way to the top and we are running out of time to get the truth and hold these criminals accountable.

Enough of the games... Enough of the "voluntary" testimony... Congress MUST start issuing mandatory subpoenas to these traitors! And yes, I am talking about subpoenaing Joe Biden too!

But the only way that happens is if you rise up right now and DEMAND it!

Don't let them run out the clock!

Max McGuire

Advocacy Director

Conservative Daily