Anti-Trump Republicans are rushing to block Trump from cutting foreign aid to the UN and anti-American countries!

Donald Trump is doing something that no other President has ever done. He is cutting the United States' foreign aid budget. Every year, the United States gives billions away to foreign countries and the United Nations. What do we get in return? Not a whole lot.

The man pictured above is outgoing Congressman Will Hurd (R-TX). He was the architect behind the Paul Ryan plan to block the border wall and give the funding to Central America instead. Now he is working with Democrats to restore all of Trump's foreign aid cuts.

Take Guatemala, for instance. Since Trump took office, we have given Guatemala alone just shy of 500 million in foreign aid. This is designed to help the Guatemalan government care for its people so that there is less of a reason for them to come north and rush our border. The idea is they won't need to seek a better life in the United States if they are taken care of in Guatemala. This is what liberals have always wanted. Even the GOP has fought to give more foreign aid away to Central American countries instead of funding border security projects. 

Remember when Trump signed an agreement with Guatemala a few weeks ago? Guatemala agreed to stop the caravans rushing the border and the US agreed to give them more foreign aid. Well, the incoming Guatemalan President has decided to renege on the deal. He says that Guatemala is too poor to care for its own people, let alone the tens of thousands of caravan migrants that are marching through Central and South America.

We have given them half a billion in less than three years and this is how they repay us... Instead of stopping the migrant caravans, the new Guatemalan government will continue to help them move through their country as fast as possible, and use our foreign aid donations to do it!

This is what we see across the world. For goodness' sake, the State Department is still giving foreign aid to China, our number one geopolitical adversary.

President Trump just said that enough is enough. This week, the Trump administration is sending Congress what is known as a "rescission" request. Basically, it asks for Congress' permission to not disburse the foreign aid that was appropriated. Under the law, Congress has 45 days to either approve the rescission request or allow it to expire.

We know that the Democrats won't agree to the foreign aid cuts. Not in a million years... But here is the ingenious part: The end of the week marks the last 45 days of the fiscal year. That means that even if Congress refuses to approve the funding cuts, Trump would still be able to run out the clock and stop billions from being funneled to the UN and other anti-American countries abroad.

But with victory in sight, Democrats are teaming up with the Globalist Republicans to block Trump and force him to give the billions in foreign aid away anyway!

Republican traitors are trying to restore all of the foreign aid that Trump cut! Pleas, send your instant FaxBlast to Congress and FORCE them to kill these foreign aid amendments before it's too late!

The Trump administration has held off disbursing most of the appropriated Federal aid so that they could cut it this month.

Democrats and so-called moderate Republicans are furious. They have worked behind the scenes to slip truly sinister amendments into next year's State Department, Foreign Operations, and Related Programs Appropriations Act that would not only increase foreign aid to these anti-American countries, but also re-authorize the funding that Trump cuts this month. In other words, if this bill passes, on day one of the new fiscal year (October 1), Trump will have to disburse it all.

For example, the bill includes provisions that would increase and restore funding to the United Nations' climate treaty (which was never ratified), gun control treaty (also never ratified), and refugee resettlement programs (the US withdrew from this already). All of the cuts that Trump has already made would be fully restored. That also includes hundreds of millions to the Central and South American countries that are helping the migrant caravans. Think of it, they refuse to help stop the caravan invasion and the Left wants to reward them with more foreign aid. It would restore Obama-era aid funding to Palestinian authority. Trump cut the aid when we caught them using it to help Hamas and other terrorist organizations. For example, our aid had helped Palestine purchase textbooks that taught children 'Death to America.'

And as if this wasn't radical enough, the Democrats plan would give tens of millions in foreign aid to China, Russia, and our other adversaries around the globe. We gave China approximately 3 million last year in the form of a "Democracy grant." Right now, there are Chinese military tanks preparing to storm Hong Kong and put down the pro-Democracy protests there. And Democrats want to restore this aid program? It makes absolutely no sense...

The media is never going to cover this bill and that is by design. Every year, Republicans and Democrats are able to slip it through because there is never any coverage and Conservatives don't realize what is happening until it is too late.

But it is not too late. This bill is one of the next bills on the Congressional schedule. There is still time to block it!

Republican traitors are trying to restore all of the foreign aid that Trump cut! Send your instant FaxBlast to Congress and FORCE them to kill these foreign aid amendments before it's too late!

What Trump is doing, this is what America First looks like. 

We have an opportunity to set this country on the right path. What happens right now will decide whether America is put first, or last.

We have never had an opportunity like this... We are closer to victory than ever before. But we are also teetering on the brink of defeat.

If this surrender package passes, Trump will be forced to disburse tens of billions to the United Nations and these anti-American countries.

And it's not just the Democrats... Anti-Trump Republicans are the ones behind this too.

Don't let them push this bill through!

Republican traitors are trying to restore all of the foreign aid that Trump cut! Quick, send your instant FaxBlast to Congress and FORCE them to kill these radical foreign aid amendments before it's too late!


Joe Otto

Conservative Daily