Yesterday, Congress was informed by Susan Rice's lawyer that the former Obama operative will not be testifying before Congress.

The House and Senate committees requested Rice's presence after she revealed on live television that she played a role in the Obama administration's attempts to surveil elements of the Donald Trump campaign and transition team.

First, Susan Rice claimed on PBS that she had nothing to do with the spying efforts. Days later, she was forced to admit on MSNBC that she did in fact work on efforts to spy on Donald Trump and his aides. She instructed the intelligence community to "unmask" Trump officials without a warrant.

So, not surprisingly, Congress wanted her to clarify her contradictory statements. With this letter, Rice and her attorney are telling Congress to go pound sand.

Now, everyone's favorite South Carolina Congressman - Trey Gowdy - is calling for a subpoena to force her to testify. But he needs your help convincing his colleagues to get on board!

Tell Congress to subpoena Susan Rice to testify and use every tool at their disposal - every tool - to force her to show up to the hearing!

A shocking number of Obama scandals can be traced back to Susan Rice.

She repeated the lie over and over that Benghazi was caused by a YouTube video, she claimed that Bowe Bergdahl served with "honor and distinction" even though he was a deserter, and now she is implicated in efforts to spy on the opposing party's Presidential candidate.

Last year, the Federal government requested that 1,934 Americans names be unmasked in intelligence reports. These are almost two thousand instances where the Federal government spied on Americans' communications without a warrant.

We know that this number included some of the Obama administration's political opponents, including President Trump's team and potentially even Donald Trump himself.

Even with all of the allegations about the Trump campaign 'colluding' with Russia - a theory James Comey poked holes in when he testified this week - every single Trump aide or advisor who was asked to testify has agreed to do so.

The only refusal is Susan Rice and it is no secret why she is trying to lay low. She admitted on television to unmasking a political opponent's name in intelligence reports. Given the fact that previous surveillance warrants were denied by the FISA court, this is akin to spying on the Trump transition without a warrant. That is a felony.

Democrats cheered when Rep. Devin Nunes recused himself from this investigation. But before he left, he gave more power on the committee to Rep. Trey Gowdy. Now, Gowdy is pushing to have Susan Rice subpoenaed. If she still refuses, the Capitol Sergeant at Arms would be compelled to arrest her and compel her to show up to the hearing.

But even with the new powers given to him, Trey Gowdy can't do it alone. He needs YOUR help to put this Obama crony in hand cuffs!

Susan Rice is running scared! Send your FaxBlast to Congress and FORCE them to get on board with Trey Gowdy's plan to subpoena Susan Rice and compel her to testify!

Someone's going to prison...