Joe Biden is now releasing illegal aliens into the United States without a court date. They aren't even entering their names into the immigration court system. They are just letting them go!

When illegal immigration surged under Barack Obama, his administration pioneered the process of "catch and release." Essentially, illegal aliens were detained, fingerprinted, processed, and then released from Border Patrol custody with a piece of paper known as a "Notice to Appear."

This was a piece of paper that informed the illegal alien when and where their court date would be. Their names were added into the DOJ system and submitted to the Immigration Courts for processing.

Sometimes, those forms were filled out with a "To Be Determined" for the date and time. But because the illegal alien was entered into the database, it was up to them to seek out the immigration court to figure out when their hearing was. If they failed to do that, the hearing would go on without them and they would be tried in absentia (in their absence).

The vast majority of illegal aliens never showed up to their hearings. They knew their asylum claims were bogus. They were simply gaming the system to force their way into the country. So, when they never showed up to their hearing, their asylum claims were denied and an immigration judge would order their removal from the country. Then, the next time they popped up on the government's radar, usually after being arrested, they would be immediately deported from the country.

Well, Joe Biden has now changed this process. Instead of issuing illegal aliens a Notice to Appear and beginning the removal process, the Biden administration is now simply releasing illegals into the United States, no questions asked!

Please, take action before Biden destroys the country! Send your urgent FaxBlast to Congress right now and FORCE them to put a stop to Joe Biden's catch-and-release policy before it's too late!

I need you to understand how radical this is, so please pay attention. Because the Biden administration is releasing illegal aliens without giving them Notices to Appear, they are never being added into the Immigration Court's schedule. As a result, there will never be an asylum hearing unless the illegal aliens report to DOJ in whatever city they settle in and ask to be added to the court schedule.

Well, that is what Biden is doing at the US-Mexico Border now. He is releasing illegal aliens into the country without a Notice to Appear and telling them to turn themselves in for deportation processing at whatever city they end up in...

Here's a prediction: no illegal aliens fraudulently declaring asylum are going to show up to the court house to turn them in. They are just going to disappear into the US.

Imagine if the government did this for any other crime. Imagine a police officer catching a suspected rapist or murderer, but instead of dragging them before a judge to be arraigned, the police release the suspect back into society and tell them to schedule their own trial (at their convenience). The criminals would just run away and, even worse, victimize even more people. That is why criminals are immediately arraigned and that is why criminals who pose a flight risk or danger to society are denied bail.

But with illegal aliens, Joe Biden has decided to implement the "Honor System." He is expecting illegal aliens, filing fraudulent asylum claims, to turn themselves in at a later date so they can be deported from the country. It will never happen...

And I hope you are sitting down for this: One of the reasons that the Biden administration is giving for releasing illegal aliens without Notices to Appear is... Covid-19. They are claiming the virus makes it too dangerous to detain illegal aliens in Border Patrol facilities in order to do all the paperwork...

This is absolute MADNESS! 

Don't let Biden flood the country with illegal aliens! Please, send your urgent FaxBlast to Congress right now and FORCE them to put a stop to Joe Biden's catch-and-release policy before it's too late!

What is happening at the border is the equivalent of a Five-Alarm Fire. The border has descended into total chaos, but instead of trying to put out the fire, Biden is tossing gasoline onto it.

Ted Cruz is trying to rally other conservative Congressmen and Senators to put a stop to this madness. Cruz is leading a delegation of Republican Senators to the Border and is promising to put an end to Biden's catch-and-release policy.

But he can't do it alone. He needs your help!

Take action before Biden destroys the country! Please, you must send your urgent FaxBlast to Congress right now and FORCE them to put a stop to Joe Biden's catch-and-release policy before it's too late!

Stand and FIGHT!

Max McGuire

Conservative Daily