We have been hounding Congress to fund President Trump's border wall for months. As the signature issue of his campaign, the fact that we have gone this long without any appropriations is astounding.

Yesterday, a House Committee approved a budget bill that would give the President 1.6 billion to begin building the wall. By the White House's own estimate, that would be enough to build at least 200 miles of walls, more if they are able to choose a cheaper design.

Democrats, however, are promising to remove the funding from the final bill. They refuse to let President Trump keep our border safe. Nancy Pelosi has promised that she will do everything in her power to stop the wall from being built.

The question is, how many so-called Conservatives will join her? How many Republicans in the House and Senate will push to stop the wall from being built?

By our count, just based on statements made by Congressmen and Senators during the 2016 campaign, there are at least three dozen Republicans against building the wall. If they all keep to that position and join the Democrats to strip the funding from the bill, then they will have the votes.

We saw what happened earlier in the year. Congress was going to give Trump the money he needed to start construction and at the last minute, Democrats and RINOs stripped it from the bill.

That will happen again if you don't rise up and hold their feet to the fire!

Don't let the Dems and RINOs kill the border wall funding! Send your instant FaxBlast and demand that Congress completely fund Pres. Trump's border wall request!

Congressman Mark Meadows is the head of the House Freedom Caucus. He has promised a government shutdown if Republicans refuse to fund Trump's border wall. This is the biggest threat a Congressman can make. The problem is that all it takes is for 24 Republicans to side with the Democrats and they have the power to pass whatever they want.

This was a main strategy employed by John Boehner when he was Speaker of the House. When Conservatives demanded that Congress go after the Obama administration, Boehner would simply team up with Democrats. Mostly, he used the strategy to pass liberal budgets. Paul Ryan has shown he is more than willing to do the same.

When Paul Ryan declared in the Spring that he would not be funding Pres. Trump's wall, no one in Congress stood up to him. Conservatives sat on their hands and kept quiet.

Since then, we've buried Congress with more than a quarter mil lion FaxBlasts threatening to remove anyone from office who stands against the President's border wall. Want to know what the result has been?

The RINOs went quiet and the Conservatives became emboldened. Instead of the liberal Republicans controlling the narrative, people like Mark Meadows and Ted Cruz have started to fight. But the sabateurs are still hard at work. There is no way RINOs like John McCain, Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski, Jeff Flake, or Lindsey Graham will allow the wall to be funded. Those five left-leaning Senators alone are enough to kill the bill in the Senate.

Your activism has gotten us this far. After Paul Ryan tried to kill the wall, you rose up and fought back. Now, we are just days away from the first bricks and mortar hitting the ground.

Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer are mobilizing their Democrat machine to kill the wall. Even Barack Obama is coming out of retirement to campaign against it.

They're trying to keep the border open.

Will you let them?

Help us defeat the Left's sabotage! Send your FaxBlast to Congress and FORCE them to fund President Trump's border wall, or else!

Now or never,

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily