Yesterday, the watchdog organization Judicial Watch released a new trove of Hillary Clinton's emails and, my goodness, the discovery is a bombshell.

In the batch, 91 of Clinton's emails were never previously released by the State Department. Not only did Hillary Clinton swear under oath that she had turned everything over, but she actually tried to destroy these emails by trashing her hard drives. This brings the number of missing, but recovered emails, to well over 500.

Clinton aide Huma Abedin is seen illegally sharing classified information with the Clinton Foundation and there is even more evidence of pay to play - that wealthy donors leveraged Foundation donations for favors or even to become ambassadors.

The new emails prove, beyond any doubt, that the investigations into these crimes must resume.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions recused himself from all-things Hillary. That leaves Andrew McCabe in charge of deciding whether Hillary is held accountable. The problem is McCabe is under investigation for improperly accepting money from Clinton aides for his own wife's political campaign.

The Founding Fathers knew a day like this would come. That is why they gave YOU the power to intervene and compel Congress to take action!

Don't let them sweep this under the rug! Rise up and DEMAND that Congress hold Hillary in Contempt and refer her crimes directly to a grand jury!

A new investigation will not come from the Justice Department. Andrew McCabe won't go after the Clintons because he doesn't want to end up dead or suicided.

Only Congress can move this forward.

Hillary Clinton testified under oath that she turned all of her emails over when she left the State Department. These newly discovered emails bring the total to 530. That is how many emails Clinton refused to turn over, tried to delete and destroy, and were recovered by the FBI's digital forensics team.

They showed classified information being illegally shared and corrupt pay-to-play practices involving the Secretary of State and the Clinton Foundation.

With this new evidence, it is impossible to hold our tongue any longer. Clinton must be investigated and prosecuted. We already know that Loretta Lynch put her hand on the scale to save Clinton from prosecution last year. Now we know why: she's guilty as sin.

Here's the kicker. These new emails provide even more proof that Hillary Clinton lied under oath and violated the Congressional preservation order. Congress delivered a legally binding preservation order to the Clinton team demanding that they preserve all emails. Not only did Clinton go ahead and try to delete them and destroy the hard drives, but she testified under oath that this wasn't happening.

She lied.

Congress has the authority to hold people in Contempt of Court when they lie. When they vote on contempt, they have the legal authority to send the charges directly to a Grand Jury. The relevant law dictates that the Attorney General "shall" impanel a grand jury when Congress holds someone in contempt. Clinton's lackeys still in the Justice Department wouldn't be allowed to block it!

Don't let liberals cover up this bombshell! Rise up and DEMAND that Congress hold Hillary in Contempt and refer her crimes directly to a grand jury!

The only way her crimes reach a special prosecutor is if you demand it. It's that simple.

A lot of people think that Hillary Clinton should be let off the hook because she lost the. election. But what would that say about us if we ignored clear and present crimes simply because of the results of an election?

That is what we feared would happen if Hillary had won. We feared that she would use her victory to squash the investigations into her crimes. It would be just as bad to allow her defeat to let her off the hook...

And it would be a lot easier to stomach if she had just retired and left the public spotlight. But Clinton continues to exhibit signs that she plans to run for President again!

Democrats forced the appointment of a special prosecutor even though there is no evidence that the Trump administration colluded with Russia. Yet, every day, more and more evidence emerges showing that Hillary Clinton and her team broke dozens of laws.

No one is above the law, not even the Clintons!

 Send your instantaneous FaxBlast to Congress and DEMAND that they immediately hold Clinton in Contempt of Congress and refer her crimes directly to a grand jury!

No more excuses,

Joe Otto

Conservative Daily